FBI “Doubles Down” With More Agents As Louisville’s Violent Crime Spirals Out Of Control

FBI “Doubles Down” With More Agents As Louisville’s Violent Crime Spirals Out Of Control

Louisville is a liberal blue island in a conservative state. It comes as no surprise that failed liberal policies are transforming the metro area into a violent mess. 

For the past 18 months, Louisville’s violent crime has drastically spiked. Homicides this year are on track to surpass last year’s figures. 

The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) has requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to double down on its efforts to stomp out crime in the metro area, according to NBC News

“The main objective of a Safe Streets Task Force is to look at what we call ‘enterprise investigation,'” FBI Louisville’s Assistant Special Agent in Charge Brian Jones told local news WAVE3.

With the city on the verge of surpassing its homicide record for the second consecutive year, the FBI is increasing agents on the ground to assist LMPD. One of the reasons is that 65% of the fillings go unsolved. So far this year, there about 125 homicides. 

“Our hope is that these additional resources will help identify, apprehend, and ultimately convict individuals involved in violent crime around Louisville. Our focus will be on federal violations — such as carjackings, Hobbs Act robberies, and gun-related charges,” Tim Beam of the FBI’s Louisville office told The Hill in a Wednesday email.

“We recognize that we do not have that impact that we would like to have,” FBI Louisville’s assistant special agent in charge, Brian Jones, told WAVE3. “The numbers are still rising. We are doubling down on our efforts.”

In an era of defunding the police, over 190 cops left the police force. LMPD is short 240 police officers, and officers say their workloads have dramatically increased. They warned there’s a deficit in manpower. 

Louisville activist Christopher 2X told NBC News that he is anxious to see if more federal agents will suppress violent crime. 

“It can’t hurt, trying to bring in more resources. There is no total guarantee because of the magnitude,” of crime and shootings in Louisville,” he said. “People are calling for whatever tools are available and can be brought to the table to stop the bleeding. Anything is better than nothing.”

Another liberal city is spiraling out of control in Biden’s America. Maybe it’s time for a president in 2024 that respects “law and order.” 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 08/26/2021 – 14:51

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