Female Writer Who Won World’s Biggest Literary Prize Turns Out To Be Three Men

Female Writer Who Won World’s Biggest Literary Prize Turns Out To Be Three Men

An anonymous writer who has been likened to Italy’s pseudonymous Ellena Ferrante was just awarded a €1MM ($1.16MM dollars) literary prize for her dazzling work as a groundbreaking female author. There’s only one minor clarification though: she’s a he.

Well, she’s actually three men. According to the FT, Carmen Mola, an author who until now has been presented as a female university professor writing under a pen name because of her desire for anonymity (something nobody would question since progressive critics would simply assume she’s doing this to protect herself from online hate hate speech), revealed her true identity to the world when the main prize was awarded in the presence of the Spanish King.

When the writer’s name was called three men walked to the podium. It turns out, Mola was actually a collaboration between three Spanish TV writers (Mola is neither a woman nor an academic). Their names: Jorge Díaz, Agustín Martínez nor Antonio Mercero are academics. They have worked on scripts for shows including On Duty Pharmacy, Central Hospital and No Heaven Without Breasts.

“Carmen Mola is not, like all the lies we’ve been telling, a university professor,” said Díaz on winning the prize. “We are three friends who one day four years ago decided to combine our talent to tell a story.”

The group of men won the prize for a book titled The Beast, a historical thriller set during the cholera epidemic in 1834. During an interview with a Spanish newspaper, one of them claimed that they “didn’t hide behind a woman, we hid behind a name.”

“I don’t know if a female pseudonym would sell more than a male one, I don’t have the faintest idea, but I doubt it,” he added.

Carmen Mola was said by the men’s publishers, Penguin Random House, to be the pseudonym of a female writer born in Madrid. Mola was also described as a forty-something mother of three children, who worked as a professor while writing crime thrillers in her spare time.

“Mola”, or the men hiding behind Mola, has also been interviewed by the Spanish press, and a picture has been shared on her publisher’s website depicting a woman with her back to the camera who was identified as Mola.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 10/18/2021 – 22:20

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