“Get Your Sh*t Together” – Angry American Airline Customers Hit With Travel Delays Due To Labor Shortage

“Get Your Sh*t Together” – Angry American Airline Customers Hit With Travel Delays Due To Labor Shortage

We’re not entirely sure how many American Airlines, Inc. flight delays or cancellations on Sunday are due to labor shortages, but Twitter has erupted with furious customers across the US who blame entire crews for not showing up and resulting in travel disruptions. 

From Las Vegas to Miami to Charlotte and many other airports, passengers are fed up with the airline carrier. They’re venting their frustration on Twitter this afternoon. 

Twitter user Ryan Petrosso spoke of canceled flights at Las Vegas Airport. He shows a video of understaffed representatives. 

@AmericanAir 2 cancelled flights from #LAS, we’ve been in this line for over an hour and only 2 reps to help. After we were on hold for 2 hours via phone. This is the worst service. pic.twitter.com/yowCLWqLhX

— Ryan Petrosso (@rpetrosso) August 15, 2021

People are complaining entire airplane crews aren’t showing up as the labor shortage deepens. Many people are stranded at airports and will likely either get hotel vouchers tonight or have to sleep in the airport. 

@AmericanAir How can a flight be cancelled from Miami (8/15/21) and Not get a replacement crew? In a busy airport like this! Another crew can’t be flown in to assist? My wife is trying to get to her dying dad, and some other passengers have reasons other than travel are stuck!

— James L (@JamesL47950601) August 15, 2021

.@AmericanAir, the crew didn’t show up for my flight today and now I have to sleep in an airport. Get your shit together.

— Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir just cancelled my flight from CLT to LAS because of ONE missing flight attendant. They have zero idea of the impact a cancellation has on people’s lives.

— Doug Ross (@TheDouglyTruth) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir y’all better get my son home! He’s had to stay over night in Miami, had 3 delayed flights and two cancelled flights! WTH?! pic.twitter.com/3kx9UdfFZt

— Shawna B. (@ladeeAngler) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir Please help! Customer service will not pick up and my family is stuck in Raleigh, NC after their flight was cancelled for no apparent reason. Been on hold for 2 hours.

— Robyn (@Robyn43811265) August 15, 2021

Bullshit man, American Airlines canceled this flight because the lack of crew. This labor shortage is the worse.

— Don Vergas (@djshakusky) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir just had our flight canceled due to crew shortage after multiple delays, be direct with your customers and we may have been able to get on a different carrier to a once in a lifetime experience for my 4 year old son tomorrow

— Matthew Cyriac (@matthewcyriac) August 15, 2021

DO NOT FLY DURING THESE TIMES (or at least with @AmericanAir)

I figured I’d do you all a favor, so you don’t have to be stranded at an airport. Quick story for those wondering what it’s like to fly now.

— John Rawlings (@JohnRawlingsTV) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir you need more staff at your @miamiairports STAT! This cancellation is just so unprofessional and disruptive to passengers well-being and plans. Saying you don’t have a crew after you made people wait is just not right. Over 4 hours in line and 3 employees😡😟

— E Okusanya (@Enniscope) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir so disappointing when your crew causes an entire flight to be canceled. Scheduled my whole day around getting my bf to airport & now it’s completely ruined both of our itineraries, not too mentioned caused a financial burden.

— MCat (@MaryCatFertitta) August 15, 2021

Hey @AmericanAir.. 5+hour delay because no flight crew was assigned to our flight, lead to missing a day at our resort and staying overnight with no luggage or toiletries. AA reps said file a claim, but 3 hours later still on hold. Any way to get some help in filing a claim?

— Brent Csutoras (@brentcsutoras) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir please explain, how you do not have crew@for a flight you sold to others and myself!! Please explain how you find this out an 2 hours before the flight is scheduled to leave!! Did everyone just call out sick for the day?

— rniebles (@rniebles) August 15, 2021

@AmericanAir Flight 4108 DFW-SGF almost full airplane boarded with no cockpit crew, no power, no APU, no announcements for delayed departure time, no PCA.

— Oliver Klosov (@oklosov) August 15, 2021

Labor shortages among airlines have been an ongoing travel crisis in the last few weeks. 

American Airlines, Spirit, and others canceled hundreds of flights in early August due to a lack of crew members. 

There are over 666 delays and 59 cancelations across the US today. We’re not exactly sure how many of these delays or cancellations are connected with labor shortages. 

Due to labor shortages across the US, American Airlines’ travel disruptions are completely unacceptable as it is an ongoing issue and doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. 

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Sun, 08/15/2021 – 18:07

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