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Global Collusion and Global Conspiracy Equal Global Tyranny

The character of the open conspiracy [the movement towards a world collective] will now be plainly displayed. It will have become a great world movement as widespread and evident as socialism or communism. It will largely have taken the place of these movements. It will be more; it will be a world religion.

~ H. G. Wells

How can most every country on earth with vastly different geopolitical makeups; different cultures, different political structures, different people, different intellect and wealth, different governments, different geography, and different desires, all at once act as one? Does this seem even remotely possible? Whether or not it seems possible, it has happened and is still happening today. This has been the case since the fraudulent ‘Covid pandemic’ was invented out of thin air and foisted on the world.

This should once and for all alert any human with even the most infinitesimal ability to think clearly, that this world is controlled not by its people at large, but by the very ‘elite’ few at the top of the power pyramid. No other explanation can describe this phenomenon of tyrannical global unity, cooperation, nearly identical political behavior, monetary manipulation, and purposeful financial ruin that has taken place over just the past two years. This was not for good, but for evil, and it was ubiquitous in nature. A once diverse, unique, and in many cases, distinctly opposite world, almost instantly became one, something so bizarre as to leave any intelligent and sane individual to trust nothing and question everything. Those who ignored this fantastic and queer behavior by all countries at once, those who accepted the state narratives without question, and those who complied with idiotic and despotic draconian measures; have proven to be the cause of the end of freedom, and have voluntarily allowed the onset of global totalitarian rule.

After thousands of years of distinct individual history, this world became a singular entity of oppression and authoritarian rule almost overnight; a hell hole of domination over humanity, which caused a total loss of sovereignty of the individual. This of course has led to mass universal slavery, which is the desired outcome of the world’s ruling class referred to as globalists. To not have seen this coming is outrageous enough in and of itself, but continuing to hide from this reality is unforgivable. Those who do not fight back against this hideous conspiracy deserve no sympathy from those willing to risk all in order to be free, for inaction in the face of this reign of terror against humanity is unconscionable. While constructed division can be the enemy of liberty, there will have to be a break between us in the end, as those who are willing to fight to be free cannot afford to be destroyed by those willing to live in servitude.

I say these things after much research and thought, and I took nothing lightly when coming to the conclusion that the bulk of societies are simply fodder for their masters. Once this is realized, it becomes evident that the ruled are more dangerous than the rulers, for they acquiesce to the narrative of the day, without thought of what the future consequences might be due to their inability to act on their own behalf, and instead surrender to dependency and continue to display an apathetic attitude toward their own lives and freedom. This is now our world, and it has been carefully crafted by those in power to become a world of uninformed, ignorant, and compliant collective fools waiting on others to save them instead of saving themselves.

Consider all that has happened to date concerning this global collaboration. What started with a ‘claim’ that a deadly virus had escaped from a Chinese lab that began to affect the entire world, turned out to be a complete and total fraud meant only to stoke fear, and allow for a global takeover of humanity at a level never before fathomed by any intelligent individual. A world of differing thought and culture suddenly became a world consumed by a singular false purpose; this almost instantaneously, and so the story goes. The only conclusion that can be considered is that this world is controlled by the very, very few. Since the beginning, the world acted in concert, something that is virtually impossible, but it happened nonetheless. Blame was at once concentrated, and then became irrelevant due to the supposed spread of something that has never once been separated, isolated, or identified, and has never been proven to even exist. This matterd not to the mindless horde of what is referred to as the ‘public,’ as they followed along the path of compliance just as they were instructed and expected to do. The threat was widely promoted by the state players, and the sheep succumbed and ran for cover.

All of this hype and fear-mongering by the powerful was ultimately very effective, and the people at large did exactly as they were expected to do, even to the point of destroying their own sustenance in favor of obeying the orders of their claimed betters. What mindset is necessary in order for the masses to allow such a travesty of reality to become normalized? Is it one of stupidity or is it one of fear and cowardice? I think it is one of fear, stupidity, and cowardice, and these attitudes lead only to a state of oppression, and not to any claim to freedom.

The most recent example of a global takeover has occurred over the past year and will most likely be met with the same indifference that has seemingly consumed this unconscious society since the beginning of this coup. It is the acceptance by the central banks around the world to create digital currencies and a digital system of monetary exchange, and all in lock step with one another, no different than what has happened to date concerning this fake pandemic. One year ago, 86% of the central banks worldwide were conducting research into central bank digital currencies, and as of just 4 months ago, 56 central banks were “publicly” communicating about their research and development efforts in this area of dictatorial planning. In order to solidify a technocratic takeover, the monetary system must become digital, and that plan is obviously in the works. Every central bank in the world, and at the same time, is considering a transition to digital currency, and this is only meant in my opinion to guarantee total control of all monetary systems and in turn, all social behavior worldwide.

With this change to a digital society will come total control over the masses, and this will lead to a society fully controlled by technocrats at the top of the power pyramid. What was once a dire threat of a mystery virus will turn into a dire threat due to the even more mysterious idiocy of man-made climate change. This will lead to a financial Armageddon, and full monetary control can only mean that society has succumbed to unrestricted rule. Once achieved, any escape from that system will be difficult or impossible to realize.

The entirety of this madness has been purposely orchestrated by the ruling element of the claimed global ‘elites,’ through global collusion and conspiracy; all leading to global tyranny at a level never imagined by most. This is our fate unless many more adopt a position of strength, and revolt against this onslaught of tyranny. This proper attitude by the majority has not been adopted to date, but only a large resistance can stop this assault on the people that is now so evident.

This has been a long-planned attack against all of humanity, and the state’s end game is now in sight. Unless we stop this madness now, we will all suffer the extreme consequences of totalitarian rule and a future of slavery at the hands of the few. Is this the best we can do, or are there enough of us willing to risk all in order to destroy the evil among us so as to regain our hope of freedom?

This world religion that rests on weakness, dependency, and apathy must be eliminated in favor of self-preservation, love, and compassion. The very survival of our species depends on a mass awakening and a respect for the sovereignty of the individual. This will require a complete negation of this cancer that is the religious worship of the state. The elimination of this governing system is what is necessary for any return to sanity.

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