Glock 19 Disguised As Nerf Gun Seized In North Carolina Drug Raid 

Glock 19 Disguised As Nerf Gun Seized In North Carolina Drug Raid 

Deputies in North Carolina executed a search warrant last week and seized drugs, money, and a Nerf toy gun, but it turned out to be a Glock 19. 

The Catawba County Sheriff’s Office said during the search warrant, deputies found “quantities of cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana. Investigators also seized approximately $2,300.00 in United States Currency and twenty firearms consisting of pistols, rifles, and shotguns.” 

One of the most bizarre weapons deputies came across was a “converted Glock model 19 pistol with a fifty round drum magazine, had been altered to resemble a toy Nerf gun,” said Catawba County Sheriff’s Office.

“Firearms of this type, while not illegal to possess, are concerning to law enforcement,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post. 

Damien Alonzo Burch, 35, was arrested and charged for drug possession but not for the possession of the Glock model 19 pistol Nerf gun. Burch was issued a $20,000 unsecured bond with a court appearance on Mar. 18. 

Some Facebook users responded to the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook post by saying:

“Wait all those drugs and only $2300.00? He made 20k bale? There’s some missing money in this equation. There’s a lot of money to be made off that Nerf conversion. I wonder did he do a super soaker or a wii 1911,” said one user. 

Another user said: “I think the clear take-way from this is… It’s NERF or NOTHING.” 

“Imagine somebody shooting at you and you be like “oh it’s a nerf gun” and then you die,” said a user. 

So we have several questions: The first is what exactly does “converted Glock model 19 pistol” mean? 

Were there any 3D printed parts involved in the build? 

As we noted last month, building a 3D-printed gun is becoming easier and easier for anyone to do at home. 

Nevertheless, the “converted Glock model 19 pistol” appears to have been crafted by someone with experience. 

And if there’s one, there’s two – which leaves us with another question – how many Nerf-like weapons are on the streets?

Tyler Durden
Fri, 03/26/2021 – 23:20

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