Growing Number Of Americans Want US To Press For Peace In Ukraine

Growing Number Of Americans Want US To Press For Peace In Ukraine

Authored by Kyle Anzalone via The Libertarian Institute, 

new survey indicates that Americans’ support for Kiev is slipping. According to polling conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the number of citizens who want the White House to pursue a diplomatic path is nearly equal to those who advocate indefinite military aid to Ukraine. 

The survey shows a declining number of Republicans who want to give military assistance to Kiev, carrying on a six-month trend. Global Affairs polling in March found that 80% of GOP-leaning respondents wanted the White House to arm Ukraine. That number declined to 64% in July, and was down to 55% in the latest poll released on Sunday. Democratic Party support has also dropped, though at a slower pace. 

Additionally, the results show waning approval for the Joe Biden administration’s policy regarding the war in Ukraine. The US and its NATO partners have committed to providing the country with military aid for as long as it needs to win the war, all the while urging Kiev not to negotiate with Moscow. 

However, the new polling indicates that only 48% of Americans agree with arming Ukraine indefinitely.

That figure is down by 10% since July, with the number of citizens urging for long-term military assistance now nearly equal to those who want Biden to push Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to talk with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. 

The vast majority of Americans continue to oppose direct involvement in the war. Only 32% of respondents said they want US troops deployed to Ukraine

While some taxpayers may be growing tired of paying for massive aid shipments to Kiev, nearly three-quarters of people responding to the poll said they continue to back the Western economic war on Russia despite the impact sanctions might have, including skyrocketing inflation in the US and soaring fuel prices in Europe.

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According to the “key findings” summary section from the survey

An equal percentage of Americans say Russia (26%) and Ukraine (26%) has the advantage in the current conflict. But a plurality (46%) believes that neither country has the advantage.
Solid majorities of Americans continue to support supplying Ukraine with arms (65%) and economic aid (66%), accepting Ukrainian refugees (73%), and sanctioning Russia (75%).
A plurality believes the United States should maintain its current level of support for Ukraine indefinitely (40%). Nearly three in 10 each say that the United States should intervene militarily to tip the advantage to Ukraine and end the war as soon as possible (27%)or that the United States should gradually withdraw support for Ukraine (29%).
Separately, Americans are now closely divided on whether Washington should support Ukraine “as long as it takes” (48%, down from 58% in July 2022) or whether Washington should urge Ukraine to settle for peace as soon as possible (47%, up from 38% in July).
Perceptions of who is winning have a great bearing on support for Kyiv.

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Wed, 12/07/2022 – 09:55

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