Gunman Walks Into Philly’s Jefferson University Hospital Wearing Scrubs And Kills Nursing Assistant

Gunman Walks Into Philly’s Jefferson University Hospital Wearing Scrubs And Kills Nursing Assistant

A shooting at Philadelphia’s Jefferson University Hospital in downtown Center City on Monday left one nursing assistant dead and two police officers injured.

The shooter then fled in a U-Haul before, being shot in a shootout with officers, according to Philadelphia’s ABC 6 Action News.

The shooter, 55-year-old Stacey Hayes, drove to the hospital at about midnight in a U-Haul, made his way to the ninth floor wearing a pair of scrubs, and murdered his co-worker, 43-year-old nursing assistant Anrae James.

Hayes reportedly walked up behind James and opened fire while he was sitting at his work station, surveillance video revealed. James reportedly kept firing as James tried to run away.

Hayes was “armed with multiple weapons”, according to police. 

The shooter then fled the hospital in his U-Haul.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw commented on the death of James: “There is a flood of sadness for all of us. Our hearts are broken as we stand together to remember our colleague and recognize his teammates who tried to save him and protect other patients in the area.”

Outlaw said the gunman may have access areas that only employees should have had access to. She also said that other employees may have been targeted. 

The shooter then got into a gunfire exchange with police near 40th Street and Parkside Avenue in the Parkside section of the city. 

“The report was that there was a male in scrubs, with a weapon or a long gun, who was potentially firing rounds in the air or just had a gun,” Outlaw said.

Officers arrived and the suspect began shooting at them. Four officers returned fire and two were struck by gunfire. 

The suspect was shot in the upper body and neck. He was taken to Penn Presbyterian and is expected to survive. 

“We learned that he was wearing body armor, and was carrying multiple weapons. In addition to the long gun which was believed to be an AR-15, he was also carrying some form of a semi-automatic handgun,” Outlaw concluded. 

Hayes’ family said the suspect was recently “suffering from mental health issues”. 

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Tue, 10/05/2021 – 14:35

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