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“Heavily Armed” Antifa Protestors Clash With Proud Boys At Oregon State Capitol 

“Heavily Armed” Antifa Protestors Clash With Proud Boys At Oregon State Capitol 

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) reported Sunday a small group of Proud Boys and Trump supporters clashed with more than 100 anti-fascist counterprotesters at Oregon State Capitol. The far-right group organized the protest several days leading up to Sunday, saying they would be at the state capitol building to support “freedom.” 

Sunday was the first time in months that the two opposing sides have clashed in Oregon. 

Salem Police Department posted a series of tweets warning about a “public safety” risk of “150-200” anti-fascist counterprotesters at the capitol who were “heavily armed.” The anti-fascist were considered “counterprotesters.” 

Police told anti-fascist protesters they were participating in an illegal demonstration. “Failure to do so may result in arrest,” police said over loudspeakers. 

Footage of Antifa flags was present at the rally. 

A crowd-controlling police unit was dispatched to the capitol complex to mediate anti-fascist counterprotesters. 

Things quickly got out of hand when Proud Boys and Trump supporters showed up in their trucks. Counterprotesters smashed their vehicle windows with blunt objects. 

Alleged shots of Proud Boys at the capitol building.

Counterprotesters pummeled Trump supporters’ trucks with objects. 

Antifa members destroyed another Trump supporter’s truck. 

One Trump supporter pulled a gun on Antifa following damage to his truck. 

“Antifa gathered in Salem, Ore. in a pre-planned riot. They wore ballistic vests & carried guns, bats, shields & gasmasks. They assaulted drivers on the road by throwing paint & rocks,” tweeted Andy Ngô.

Eventually, Ngô said police and troopers pushed Antifa rioters away from the streets where they were “assaulting drivers.”

OPB said several arrests were made in the anti-fascist group Sunday.

As for the “peace and unity,” which President Biden promised in January during his inauguration speech appears a distant dream at the moment. America is still traveling down a dangerous path towards continued clashes by both extreme political fringes. 

Tyler Durden
Mon, 03/29/2021 – 08:40

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