Heroes, Villains, and Numbskulls of 2021

I see that Elon Musk was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Others have made lists of the best and worst people, sports teams, movies, songs, TV show, hairstyles, books, or video games of 2021. I have my own list. It is the heroes, villains, and numbskulls of 2021. Since the main issue of the year was the Covid-19 “pandemic,” my list is heavily skewed toward that subject.


Governor Ron DeSantis
Dr. Scott Atlas
Dr. Peter McCullough
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Any state, entity, or group that has sued the Biden administration
Every employee who quit his job or got fired for refusing to get the vaccine
Sellers of “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise
Wearers of “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise
The Southwest pilot who said “Let’s Go Brandon”
The spectators who chant “Let’s Go Brandon” at sporting events
Pastor John MacArthur
Representative Thomas Massie
Senator Rand Paul
Signers of the Great Barrington Declaration
Employers who did not force their employees to wear masks
Business owners who refused to close their places of business
Employers who did not mandate that their employees get the vaccine
Employers who refused to install plexiglass shields
Everyone who refused to get the vaccine
Everyone who refused to wear a mask
Parents who refused to let their children get the vaccine
Every employee who refused to disclose his vaccination status


Anthony Fauci
Joe Biden
Kamela Harris
The Biden administration
Rochelle Walensky
Governor Gavin Newsom
Former governor Andrew Cuomo
Every other Democratic governor
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot
Nancy Pelosi
Every other Democratic member of Congress except Joe Manchin
Every doctor, nurse, and health care professional who bought into the government’s Covid propaganda
Every governor, mayor, county commissioner, and city council member who decreed or voted to institute a curfew, lockdown, capacity limitation, unessential business closure, indoor dining ban, plexiglass shield mandate, mask mandate, or vaccine mandate
CNN, ABC, NPR, NBC, CBS, and every other news outlet promoting masks and the vaccine
Big tech companies that shut down dissent about masks and the vaccine
Every school administrator and official who mandated mask wearing, the vaccine, remote learning, limited social gatherings, and cancellation of sporting events
Churches that mandated mask wearing
Churches that banned hugging, handshaking, and singing
Churches that shifted back to online-only services because of concerns about the omicron variant
Family members who refused to be around other family members who were not vaccinated
Pediatricians who recommend the vaccine for children
Every business that required temperature checks for employees or patrons to enter
Every employer that mandated that its employees wear a mask to work
Every employer that mandated that its employees get the vaccine or else
Every employer that fired employees for refusing to get the vaccine
Every employer that refused to accept vaccine religious or medical exemptions
Every restaurant that refused entry to people without a mask
Every doctor’s office and hospital that required a Covid test before they would see someone
Conservative personalities who did the government’s bidding by pushing the vaccine
Government officials who told people to wear masks in their home
Donald “Warp Speed” Trump (who supports the vaccine [and the booster] and never ceases to take credit for its availability)


Everyone who voted for Joe Biden
Everyone who wears a mask in his car
Everyone who wears a mask while walking his dog
Everyone who wears a mask between bites of food
Everyone who wears a mask for protection against Covid but smokes cigarettes
Everyone who wears a mask while exercising
Everyone who wears a face shield
Everyone who wears two masks
Everyone who wears a mask and a face shield
Everyone who wears a mask when he doesn’t have to
Everyone who promoted social distancing
Everyone who said that the vaccine saved millions of lives
Everyone who pulled up their mask when someone got within six feet of them on a sidewalk or store aisle
Everyone who had a bad reaction to the first dose of the vaccine and then got a second dose
Pastors who still have their ridiculous Covid protocols up on their church website even though they no longer follow them

CDC libertarians who were for restrictions, masks, and the vaccine before they were against them
CDC libertarians who denounce vaccine mandates but never hesitate in the same breath to say how great and necessary the vaccine is
Parents who put a mask on their children when they don’t have to
Parents who took their children to get the vaccine
Conservatives and libertarians who publicly announce their vaccination status
Everyone who cancelled Christmas celebrations because of concerns about the omicron variant
The guy I saw on an airplane who wore two masks and a face shield

There is another class of people that don’t fit into any of the above categories that deserve our sympathy or our pity:

Restaurant wait staff, store clerks, and office workers who are forced by their employers to wear masks
Employees who reluctantly got the vaccine because they were afraid of losing their jobs
Everyone whom the government and the news media scared out of their wits about the dangers of Covid
Children whom their parents forced to get the vaccine
Children who were talked into getting vaccinated without their parents knowing about it
Every employee who got the vaccine only because he was told that if he did so he could take off his mask but now has to again wear a mask
Everyone who flies on a plane or takes public transportation and is forced to wear a mask by the Biden administration
Everyone in prison or a nursing home who was forced to take the vaccine
Everyone who lives in a blue city or state and is not able to move

The heroes, villains, and numbskulls of 2021 were the same heroes, villains, and numbskulls of 2020. Let’s hope they are not the same in 2022.

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