Hong Kong Cops Threaten To “Kick Door Down” For Anybody Who Dosn’t Open For COVID Test

Hong Kong Cops Threaten To “Kick Door Down” For Anybody Who Dosn’t Open For COVID Test

Hong Kongers who hadn’t already seen the worst of Beijing’s heavy handed tactics during the 2019 street marches, including the tear gas, the beatings and the mass arrests, are finally about to see what it really means when Beijing says a round of testing is “mandatory.”

Because in China, if an individual doesn’t comply with an order from the CCP, there are dramatic and severe consequences. And pretty soon, they will say the same about Hong Kong too.

To wit, Bloomberg reports Hong Kong authorities are threatening to knock down the doors of residents who don’t respond to authorities conducting mandatory-testing blitzes, as the city tries to end a persistent winter wave of coronavirus cases. While photos of the mainland show flashy young people out partying, in Hong Kong, where some freedoms are still in place, life is a bit more grim.

In a statement, the government in the increasingly authoritarian territory warned it may take legal action including removing individuals or applying to a magistrate for a warrant to break into and forcefully enter a unit,” authorities said in a statement on Tuesday. Hong Kong been attempting to curb a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections with targeted lockdowns that have seen authorities cordon off an area and restrict movement until residents rec

It is apparently a gravely serious warning: During surprise lockdowns in Four Hong Kong districts Monday evening, roughly 17% of the 680 households that officers visited didn’t answer the door. The government says it found no positive cases after testing almost 1.7K residents.

Hong Kong authorities have conducted eight operations and tested about 10K people since authorities discovered a group of 14 positive patients.

Over the last year, the city has endured wave after wave of the virus, with HK’s chief executive Carrie Lam defending the city’s approach, despite a wave of criticism.

The city’s top advisors on infectious diseases and its leader warned that lockdowns and mandatory testing aren’t the only options on the table.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 02/03/2021 – 20:10

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