“How I Got Rich On Tesla Stock”

“How I Got Rich On Tesla Stock”

Satire? Maybe. Truth, definitely.

“Tesla stock is the new bitcoin… decentralized from ever going down.”

“…according to my calculations, it’s pretty safe to assume Tesla stock is going to keep ’10x-ing’ every year…”

“dude, the only thing that can stop Tesla stock from ’10x-ing’ every year, is if it starts ’20x-ing’ every year.”

“It’s easy to start a profitable car company, you just buy a bunch of bitcoin, which increases in value, which helps you cover all your losses from making cars.”

“There’s no problem that Elon can’t fix.”

“…how the f**k is Tesla stock down 35% in the last month?!”

“…do you think I should sell?”


Tyler Durden
Sun, 03/14/2021 – 21:05

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