“How the hell do you expect to get away with it?”

Back in September, I wrote an article urging the People’s Party of Canada to stop focusing on freedom of choice, and instead call out the mass murder underway with the COVID vaccine. Well, a senator in Queensland, Australia has picked up the smoking gun of vaccine injuries for the world to see:

In Malcolm Robert’s speech before a virtual Queensland Senate, he says what every politician should be shouting: “Repeated vaccination is doing more harm than good.”

He opens with the story of Caitlin Gotze, a “healthy and vibrant 23-year-old “who dropped dead after her second Pfizer clot shot. He goes onto expose how Pfizer’s trial data showed over 1,291 adverse effects. Roberts even call out the Australian government for hiding vaccine-induced miscarriages.

Roberts concludes by saying: “…all of you who have perpetrated this crime, I direct one question: How the hell do you expect to get away with it? We’re not gonna let you get away with it. We won’t let you get away with it. We are coming for you. We have the stamina to hound you down. And we damn well will.”

Be brave. Speak up. Stay sane!
—John C. A. Manley

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