Hügo Krüger: Ukraine, Iran, Nuclear Fallout, & How I Learned to Love the Algorithm Ghetto

Hügo Krüger gives his realpolitik perspective on the U.S.-provoked war in Ukraine. He explains how the U.S. is again attempting regime change in Iran. While he does fear the destructive force of nuclear weapons, he questions the danger of subsequent radioactive fallout. He still believes people will be able to adapt around the Algorithm Ghetto just like in apartheid South Africa or Soviet Russia.

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About Hügo Krüger

Hügo Krüger is a civil and nuclear engineer. He served on the SRC at the University of Pretoria in 2011 and had the portfolio Multilingualism and Culture. He is a graduate from UP and ESTP in France. His interests include technology, human nature, politics and economics.

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