“I Hope We All Survive It” – Dave Chappelle Warns About Cancel Culture 

“I Hope We All Survive It” – Dave Chappelle Warns About Cancel Culture 

The phenomenon of “cancel culture” is a toxic one metastasizing into a woke revolution war empowered by Big Tech and Big Business. Those unfamiliar with being canceled involve publicly shaming others and boycotting celebrities and companies. However, the art of canceling has progressed well beyond canceling public figures and is now used to garget average folks. The result can be devastating for ordinary people who may face the consequences of losing their jobs, losing friends and family, or having their social media accounts terminated. 

Comedian Dave Chappelle partook in a video interview with Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast about cancel culture. He told Rogan that he recognizes the change people are attempting to bring through activism and accountability for prominent folks but denounced cancel culture: 

“I’m very lucky to be able to see people who are great at things up close,” Chappelle said. “Even on this podcast … it’s one of the joys of my life getting to know these people and knowing and seeing them be human.” 

Chappelle said, “I hope we all survive it,” while referring to the cancel culture storm gripping society. “That’s why that cancel culture shit bothers me. I’m not even opposed to the ideas behind some of these cancelations. I get it.” 

Rogan said, “the inclination, all of it, is to make the world a better place.” He said social media and public shaming have “gotten abused and misused by the wrong people and bad actors, but at the end of the day, the thing they think they’re trying to do is eliminate bad aspects of our culture.”

Last year, Chappelle criticized cancel culture, saying audiences have become “too brittle,” adding that “everything you say upsets somebody.” 

Chappelle hasn’t been the only well-known person to speak out against cancel culture, Curtis Jackson, known as “50 Cent,” recently said cancel culture is “unfair” and “targeting straight men” who “don’t have any organizations to back them up.”

Jackson said he wouldn’t get canceled because “hip-hop culture loves things that are damaged. It loves people who are already broken from experience.” 

A study by a top education think tank, Civitas, found that free speech at the world’s leading universities is being eroded at a rapid rate due to “cancel culture.” 

Cancel culture may have had good intentions to hold people accountable for things they did or say. Instead, it has backfired and produced a toxic environment that limits freedom of speech and alienates anyone with opposing views. Society can’t move forward if liberals cancel anyone they don’t like – there needs to be an open forum where all voices are heard.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 05/11/2021 – 17:05

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