Understanding Deep Politics

Ian Crane

About Ian R Crane

An ex-oilfield executive, Ian lectures and writes on the geo-political webs that are being spun; with particular focus on US Hegemony and the NWO agenda for control of global resources. Since 2007 Ian has focused his efforts on raising public awareness of the pernicious attack on the global population in the name of corporate globalisation and harmonisation; with particular focus on the excesses of Codex Alimentarius. Ian is an independent researcher; he is completely self-funded. The views expressed in his talks and DVD’s are based upon his personal knowledge and research. Prior to his retirement from the corporate arena, Ian enjoyed a career of 25 years in telecommunications and international oilfield services, a career that provided travel opportunities to live & work in the U.K., Continental Europe, the Middle East & Houston, Texas.

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HUMANITY vs INSANITY : #28 – ISIS (Israeli State Intelligence Service) Genocidal Agenda

Ken O’Keefe, a former US Marine, now a ‘no holds barred’ activist who is now widely regarded as one of the most active and outspoken campaigners on behalf of the Palestinian people, whilst also raising awareness of Global Corporatist hegemony.