Illegitimate ICC

By Stephen LENDMAN

Ill and unable to write but very able to think and reason.

A quick rebuke of the empire of lies and forever wars for ordering the illegitimate ICC it controls to issue an illegal arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin — the world’s preeminent, democratically elected, overwhelmingly popular world leader.

The Kremlin justifiably called the illegal warrant “absurd and outrageous.”

There’s no ambiguity about how the empire of lies and forever wars falsely blames nations free from its hegemonic control for its own high crimes.

The US-controlled Hague-based ICC has no legitimacy.

Russia justifiably considers its actions and related decisions null and void.

Hegemon USA is an unparalleled menace to humanity.

The same goes for its Western vassals.

Russia’s actions and standards are worlds apart different — in compliance with peace, stability, equity and justice it seeks.

I strongly support Vladimir Putin, his admirable agenda and worldview,  while condemning perpetual wars on humanity by hegemon USA.

I wish I had the energy to write more about what I consider the most perilous time in world history — at a time when my health is failing.

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