Indonesia’s Mount Semeru Erupts As Thousands Flee 

Indonesia’s Mount Semeru Erupts As Thousands Flee 

Indonesia’s Mount Semeru suddenly erupted on Saturday, spewing a massive column of ash and smoke 40,000 feet into the sky that rained down on surrounding densely populated areas. 

Mount Semeru is located in the Lumajang district in East Java province. People ran for their lives as the area was quickly covered in ash and daytime turned into night.

NEW – Indonesia’s Mount Semeru volcano in East Java erupts sending ash 40,000ft into the sky as locals

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“Several areas went dark after being covered by volcanic ash,” the country’s disaster mitigation agency told CNN. 

VIDEO: Sun completely blocked as Indonesia’s Mount Semeru erupts – BNO News

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Effects from Mount Semeru’s eruption

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More videos published on social media show the sheer magnitude of the eruption. 

Mount Semeru Volcano.. 🙏 Stay safe

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a Giant eruption of Mount Semeru in Lumajang, East Java! #BreakingNews this is insane!!

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Sat Dec 04 2021

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There are reports that two districts around the volcano have been severely affected. Government officials have yet to report casualties, and emergency teams are still evaluating the situation as it unfolds. 

Semeru’s alert status has remained elevated since its last eruption in December 2020. Indonesia, an island archipelago made up of more than 17,000 volcanic islands, sits on the two continental plates on what is commonly known as the “Ring of Fire,” which is often plagued with high levels of tectonic and volcanic activity.

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