Instagram Offers Users 41 Pronouns – Woke Mob Complains There Aren’t Enough

Instagram Offers Users 41 Pronouns – Woke Mob Complains There Aren’t Enough

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Facebook owned Instagram has decided to introduce a feature allowing users to pick from a list of 41 pronouns, thus saving on characters in the bio, but the woke brigade has already complained that there are not enough choices on offer.

The photo sharing app announced that the pronouns are to get a dedicated section:

Add pronouns to your profile ✨

The new field is available in a few countries, with plans for more.

— Instagram (@instagram) May 11, 2021

The effort to cater to woke trendies appears to have backfired, however, with many taking offence that their particular pronoun of choice isn’t on offer.

This should just be a box for us to type in. Having us pick from a predetermined list excludes people who use less common neopronouns, it/its people, people who use all or no pronouns, people who want to list their pronouns in multiple languages, and anyone who wants to show >4

— margaretmadole (@margaretmadole) May 11, 2021

These people will literally complain about anything, even when it’s aimed at pleasing them:

hey that’s cool! but could you please add a neopronoun feature??? also maybe add “any pronouns” and it/it’s prounouns?? thanks!!

— Belladonna (@b00bs42069) May 11, 2021

this is incredibly cool, but maybe can you please add an it/its option? some trans and nonbinary individuals like it/its pronouns

— aesop (@tetchousuehiro) May 11, 2021

At time of writing ‘squirrel’ isn’t an option. How dare they.

Plz add options for custom pronouns or something my pronouns are it/it’s and they’re not available ☹️

— onxy ZAY MONTH (@lonxyer) May 11, 2021


— Lili (@mommymarxy) May 11, 2021

can you add like neo pronouns pls

— kai🍡 (@hearts4sana) May 11, 2021

why does it not let me put your/mom? this is incredibly discriminatory.

— roach enthusiast (@sterrobrys) May 11, 2021

Others bleated about how un-progressive other social media networks are now that Instagram has the feature:

Well thanks, @instagram! You can now add your pronouns. It’s a simple act, but an important one. @Twitter, you next?

— Janis Irwin (@JanisIrwin) May 12, 2021

What’s next? Race fields? Religion? Height? Disabilities?

— Neil Cauliflower (@NitroTurbo86) May 11, 2021

Many pointed out that the feature is useless because Instagram has banned them for posting the ‘wrong’ pictures and stories:

“Your comment went against community guidelines, your account is in danger of being taken down” love that little pop up message when I opened the app, would’ve been great to see what exactly I said so I can avoid saying it again, guess I’ll just never comment again…

— jamison.edits (@jtsmolic) May 11, 2021

anyways give me account back y’all literally disabled it for no reason

— aevum ♡ frazer (@TARDISGAYS) May 11, 2021

My Instagram was banned many months ago, and I have followed everything to show that it was a mistake, I have sent multiple requests and codes to fix this and I have got no response from any of your team. @instagram@InstagramComms@facebook #help #instagram #support #insta

— Ashlee Streat-Lovett (@ashta157) May 12, 2021

wish I could access my account to do so 😑 been locked out for months with 0 feedback from support nor does the help center work at all

— jessika t (@jessika_troche) May 11, 2021

how about u give back my 20k followers account

— ᴮᵉᶜᶜᵃ ❼ (@twltter_n_chill) May 11, 2021

This is really amazing @instagram but can you please bring back my disabled account so that I can access this feature
(It was disabled on wrong basis, as I had not violated any of the terms and conditions. I’ve replied to the mail with the photo about a week ago.)

— DL (@darklordspeakss) May 12, 2021

Others noted that it’s probably just another way of targeting advertising:

Probably useful for advertising purposes to target individuals based on their pronouns?

— Daniel Ramirez (@drmzio) May 11, 2021

What really matters? Being able to call yourself ‘it’ or not having all your data and personal information hacked and/or sold?

Wonderful. Now do a better job at privacy and I might come back.

— The Devyn™️ (@devyn89) May 11, 2021

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