Iran Kicks Off Large-Scale Electronic Warfare And Air Defense Exercise

Iran Kicks Off Large-Scale Electronic Warfare And Air Defense Exercise

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On May 25th, the Iranian Army kicked off a large-scale military drill to practice electronic warfare tactics, this drill on electronic warfare is dubbed ‘Separ-e-Aseman 1400’ (Sky Shield 1400).

According to a statement, this joint drill is being held by the strategic electronic warfare forces of the four forces of the Army and covers large areas of Iran. Rapid response and electronic warfare units of the Army’s Ground Force, Air Force, Navy and Air Defense are participating in the joint aerial maneuvers, codenamed Sky Shield 1400, whose headquarters will be located in Iran’s central province of Isfahan.

According to Deputy Chief of Iran’s Army for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the drill is the most practical exercise in the field of military electronic warfare in recent years. He said the Iranian Army is going to use its latest achievements and combat capabilities during the drill, with offensive as well as defensive electronic warfare tactics to be put into practice.

Sayyari also pointed out the high significance of electronic warfare in both operational and intelligence aspects of present-day military encounters, stressing that the Iranian Army has developed the necessary infrastructure for defense and electronic warfare. Sayyari said aerial interception and cyber defense operations will also be conducted in the drill.

Participants in the drill practice using electronic defense tactics against small aircraft and intruding drones as well as, perform cyber defense maneuvers and evaluate function by eavesdropping, electronic jamming and target detection systems. During the drill, drones and smart micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) will also strike predetermined targets using electronic warfare cover, he said.

Accuracy and speed in detection of aircraft will be analyzed, and electronic eavesdropping and jamming systems monitored.

According to Iranian state media, in recent years, Iranian military experts and technicians have made great progress in indigenously developing and manufacturing a broad range of equipment, making the armed forces self-sufficient in this regard.

Iran’s Air Defense holds annual war games in order to enhance capabilities to defend the country’s airspace.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 05/25/2021 – 19:25

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