Iran Lambasts EU For Lectures On ‘Acting Responsibly’ While Ignoring Israel’s Nukes

Iran Lambasts EU For Lectures On ‘Acting Responsibly’ While Ignoring Israel’s Nukes

Iran has lashed out at Europe and the United States’ silence and hypocrisy concerning the Mideast nation with by far the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons. It comes after on Thursday French President Emmanuel Macron berated Tehran for “exacerbating the thorny nuclear situation with multiple violations” of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal. Macron urged the Iranians to “act responsibly” after previously blowing past uranium enrichment caps and purity, among other steps.

The Islamic Republic’s response through Foreign Minister Javad Zarif focused on blasting Israel for its “illicit nukes” while calling out the European Union for daring to lecture while ignoring Tel Aviv:

“To appease a terrorist regime with illicit nukes, E3 urge Iran ‘to act responsibly’. Reality check: The JCPOA is alive SOLELY because of Iran’s responsible conduct,” Zarif wrote.

“Instead of coordinating with enemy No.1 of the JCPOA, the EU/E3 & US must act responsibly & comply with UNSCR 2231,” the top Iranian diplomat said further.

Israel maintains a public stance of neither confirming nor denying its nuclear arsenal and is not a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, though Iran is itself a signatory and has been so for decades. 

Despite no “official” nukes, Israel’s stockpile of nuclear warheads is commonly estimated at anywhere from 80-100, on up to multiple hundreds in terms of the high side. 

Currently a consensus is emerging the window is closing fast on Biden’s much-touted intent and plan to rejoin the JCPOA. While the prospect of direct talks has stalled, the White House claims to be engaged in ‘indirect’ diplomacy with Iran via the Europeans. 

Biden has balked at easing sanctions first after Tehran demanded this as a condition for coming back to the table. Meanwhile the alarming potential for major war between Israel and Iran grows by the day, given Netanyahu has made it abundantly clear that his country would ‘attack first’ if it believes Iran is on the cusp of producing a nuke

Tyler Durden
Sat, 03/20/2021 – 15:30

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