Is Axios Trying To Pick A Fight Between Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ And Fox News?

Is Axios Trying To Pick A Fight Between Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ And Fox News?

Is Axios trying to provoke a squabble between President Trump-endorsed Twitter rival Truth Social and Fox News, the conservative network?

It’s starting to seem that way, since on Thursday, the news outlet reported that a Fox News spokesperson has denied that the network has ‘anything to do with’ Truth social.

Why is this newsworthy? The reasoning behind the report might be lost on most readers. But fortunately for them, Axios explains that Fox News joining the app would, in theory, be a “boon” for shareholders of the company, which took the SPAC route toward a public offering late last year.

Why it matters: Investors clearly would have viewed Fox News’ participation as a boon for the struggling app.

Shares of the blank-check company taking Truth Social public spiked on Tuesday afternoon, after an Axios reporter tweeted about the mere existence of the verified account.

That tweet, which has since been deleted, was prompted not only by the verification symbol on a Truth Social account bearing Fox News’ name and logo, but also by a message from Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes that read: “Great to have RSS feed for @FoxNews now LIVE here on TRUTH! This adds to @OAN and @NewsMax.”

Axios went on to imply that Truth Social has been trying to mislead its users (and by extension, investors).

As Axios previously reported, real-looking accounts for numerous big media and sports brands – including Fox Sports, TMZ, NFL, NASA and NASCAR – have existed on Truth Social for months, and often are promoted to new users. But none are verified, instead including a small “BOT” disclaimer on their accounts.

Notably, the report follows a high-profile interview given by President Trump last night to Fox’s Sean Hannity.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 04/14/2022 – 19:55

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