Is The Omicron Surge Mostly Due To Massively Increased Testing?

Is The Omicron Surge Mostly Due To Massively Increased Testing?

Reported infections in the U.K. have suddenly spiked in the last three days, up from 59,610 on Tuesday to 78,610 on Wednesday, 88,376 on Thursday and 93,045 on Friday. Looking at the data regionally, the spike is currently much more pronounced in London, the South East, the East of England, the East Midlands and the North West than it is in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, the South West and the West Midlands. It’s not clear at this point if it is going to continue to rise, though the last three days’ counts don’t appear to indicate continued sharp growth.

However, as The Daily Sceptic’s Will Jones details, it is also so far largely an artefact of massively increased testing, as the graph below with data for the U.K. up to December 16th shows. Similar is true for Scotland. Positive tests have spiked.

But positivity is up only a little due to the large increase in testing.

How significant is it that the spike began on Monday December 13th, the day after Boris Johnson’s Sunday press conference when he warned everyone about Omicron and told them to get their booster jab? There was a huge surge in demand for booster doses starting that Monday and continuing throughout the week. Could the fact that this surge coincided with a similar surge in both testing and positive tests be more than coincidence? Perhaps people got tested before getting their booster, or just because of the dire warning of a new threat.

People lined up to get a COVID-19 test

MishTalk’s Mike Shedlock has some new rules:

Testing the masses for Covid is worse than useless. Standing in line spreads it.

The number of Omicron asymptomatic cases tells us that isolation is not the answer either. People not realizing they have it now spread Omicron like mad.

We need to accept a fair percentage of the people simply will not get vaccinated.

Given the vast majority of severe complications happen in the unvaccinated group, we should not let them clog up the hospitals.

Hospital priority should go first to those with a booster, second to those with two shots, third to those with one shot, and last to the unvaccinated, with exceptions for those under the age of 12.

If the unvaccinated don’t care, we should not care about them. Nor should insurance cover them.

Finally, at long last, it makes sense to say “No worse than the Flu, at least for the vaccinated.” More accurately, for the vaccinated, it now appears to be “Nowhere near as bad as the flu”.

Tl,dr; The best thing to do now appears to be nothing.

As Raul Ilragi Meijer concludes at The Automatic Earth blog, if and when you’re suffering under yet another lockdown and/or any other restrictions, you should know they are for naught. There is no indication to date that Omicron will fill up hospitals, or ICUs, or that it will kill millions of people.

But that for now refuted scenario is still why those restrictions are being put in place, why you are being told not to hug your intensely lonely grandma for Christmas. Useless. And why everyone is told to get a booster, and soon another. Also useless.

It’s time for all of you to grow a spine and a pair of balls (sorry, ladies, just a manner of speech) and start living your lives again. Time to get rid of Fauci, and of Pfizer, and SAGE, and fill in your local/national bunch of experts. Because as long as they are there, they will hog the limelight, and you will never be able to start to live your life again.

A simple Christmas message.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 12/21/2021 – 05:00

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