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JASTA veto imminent!

A message from Les Jamison of
Sept 19, 2016

Hello fellow advocates for 9/11 justice,

It took nearly 14 years of effort to force the release of the 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry Report on 9/11. It was a no-brainer for anyone with even the slightest interest in understanding how 9/11 could have occurred. Following the money trail is part of prosecuting the crime. However, exposing the 9/11 flow of funds revealed in the 28 pages would have made the 2003 invasion of Iraq politically impossible. This was a criminal abuse of power and fraud upon the American people, as well as the world. It was clear by the opposition we saw in May from Pres. Obama, CIA Director John Brennan, Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, the last thing the powers manipulating military policy wanted was for the pages to be released. Furthermore, despite feigning a desire for full disclosure of the 28 pages, declassification as well as being the target of litigation is the last thing Saudi Arabia wanted, as evidenced by their threat of financial blackmail by selling $750 billion worth of U.S. treasuries. But due to intense lobbying efforts by the 9/11 families, a determined group of legislators, the public, and surprisingly from many mainstream news sources, there was no way the Obama administration and deep state manipulators could suppress the release of the 28 pages. Fourteen years of falsely-based secrecy is far too long.

Now that the 28 pages have been released showing clear evidence of funding leading back to the Bush family’s close friend, Prince Bandar and his wife, Princess Haifa, plus certain Saudi charities, for Congress to vote unanimously for passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act is historic as a bi-partisan effort, as well as an act of revolt. Remember, every member of Congress is acutely aware of the risk they take on by challenging the official narrative. Nevertheless, this was an uprising against the military policy makers who rule with shock and awe tactics after orchestrating what Gen. Wesley Clark termed a “policy coup” which 9/11 provided the grounds for.

The JASTA bill will be presented to Pres. Obama within days. Although some legislators have been quoted as confidently saying they’ll have a 2/3rd majority to over ride the veto, a recent article in Bloomberg Markets indicated that certain Republicans may try to delay the veto, which could result in the bill expiring while Congress is on recess in coming months. This back-handed tactic is referred to as a “pocket veto”. Others may try to interfere by changing language in the bill, which has already gone through 5 years of refinement. With 3/4 of Americans who want all secret documents released and believe our government has misled us regarding the facts (as shown by a Rasmussen Reports poll, April 25th), we have a historic opportunity to put the White House and Congress on notice that a sizeable majority knows we’ve been lied to about 9/11, knows that there has been a cover up of the facts which must not stand, and demand passage of JASTA because Saudi Arabia is not an ally. It is a brutal dictatorship guilty of crimes against humanity. Actually, this is also an opportunity to give Obama his first veto over ride!

Furthermore, if the U.S. isn’t guilty of war crimes, it should have nothing to fear from other countries suing Americans, right? If the U.S. is guilty of war crimes, the only way to restore our honor is to provide relief for the damages done in the name of equal justice. Also worthy of consideration is the fact that Saudi Arabia has spent millions on public relations efforts targeting each member of Congress. Now we must raise our voice.

With passage of JASTA, the 9/11 family’s ability to resume their law suit against Saudi Arabia will be restored. Then evidence far beyond the 28 pages and far beyond what we’re even aware of will have the possibility of coming forth. As with any legal action, unexpected evidence, witnesses, and whistleblowers can show up. Congressman Walter Jones has said the 28 pages can open “a multitude of doors and they all should be investigated”.

Beginning Monday, please take 15 minutes to call the following congressional leaders urging them to remain in session until the veto is announced and they vote to over ride it.

House Speaker:

Paul Ryan: (202) 225-3031 (press #6)

Senate Majority Leader:

Mitch McConnell: (202) 224-2541

Senate Minority Leader:

Harry Reid: (202) 224-3542

Then call your Senators and member of the House urging them to stand strong and vote to over ride President Obama’s veto of JASTA.

Next, please tell everyone you know in or near Washington, DC, that there will be a rally in front of the White House in Lafayette Park on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 12:30 pm.

Lastly, for an excellent article on these issues, see the following:

Obama’s Dilemma: Justice for 9-11 Families or Saudi Arabia?

Let’s show our elected officials as well as the beaurocrats who’s boss! Please spread the word!

Les Jamieson

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