Joe Biden is Recreating “The Camp of The Saints” at the US Border

Camp of the Saints is no longer fiction. The Biden administration has made it reality along the U.S.-Mexico border. Right before our eyes, the government of the United States is deciding that, in fact, the United States doesn’t really exist at all.

In Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel, a vast horde of starving Indians commandeers a flotilla of decrepit ships in the harbor of Calcutta. The flotilla sets sail for Europe, and slowly creeps around the Cape of Good Hope, past Sao Tome, through the Strait of Gibraltar, and finally descends upon southern France. As the fleet approaches, French society is first convulsed first by political infighting, then by panic, and finally by collapse.

Six months ago, Revolver listed Camp as one of eight books to read while you still can. We wrote then:

The thesis of The Camp of the Saints is simple: That the very traits that made the West so successful and so widely-imitated would eventually be its undoing. The West’s openness and egalitarianism led to widespread prosperity. But those same moral sensibilities, Raspail argues, mean that while the West could easily vanquish a normal military threat, it will be politically unable to justify its own success. If the impoverished, backwards masses of the Third World demand the wealth of the West, the West will submit even if it ultimately means the loss of its prosperity, its independence, its culture, its very existence. Nearly a half-century later, with Western elites eagerly waving in caravans from Central America and literal boatloads from Africa, Raspail’s foresight looks remarkable.

Six months ago, Raspail was prescient. Today, his vision is so accurate one wonders if he was a time traveler.

You may have heard a few months ago that there was a “crisis” at the border. Even The New York Times admitted it, all the way back in February. Since then, the border situation has receded from public attention, except for the occasional flare-up when a video goes viral or Fox News pays attention for a few days. For years, Americans have been poisoned by ever-more-rapid news cycles, by a cable and Twitter ecosystem that grows bored with stories in a matter of days or even hours, and then discards them for a new novelty. Riots in South Africa flare up and hundreds are killed. How did that all end? Who cares! Another U.S. athlete choked at the Olympics and Donald Trump said something wacky! (That said, for those wondering: South Africa is still screwed).

But make no mistake: The crisis has never abated for one moment since Joe Biden took office. It has only gotten steadily worse, day after day. In February, 101,000 migrants streamed over the 1,954-mile line on a map that is ever-less-accurately described as a “border.” In March, the migrant count surged to a record 170,000, and that records has been broken every month since. In July, it cleared 210,000. More than a million illegal immigrants have entered the country in the past six months. And they are still coming.

NEW: Preliminary numbers from the U.S. government show that migrant encounters for the month of July are expected to be a staggering 210,000. Another 20+ year record

Feb: 101,095
March: 173,265
April: 178,850
May: 180,641
June: 188,829
July: 210,000

Total: 1,032,680@FoxNews

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) August 3, 2021

And remember, paradoxically, these are only the documented “undocumented”. Despite the wide open door with welcome mat the U.S. is offering, thousands of migrants are still sneaking past the Border Patrol the old-fashioned way. And then there are the thousands of phony vacationers and visa overstays who are once again pouring into the country through its airports as well. By the end of the year, America may very well have increased its total illegal immigrant population by several million.

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