Justin Trudeau Pelted By Rocks at Campaign Event

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been pelted by rocks while on a campaign stop Monday ahead of Canada’s general election. The incident took place in London, Ontario – with the Canadian leader later confirming he believes he was hit on the shoulder. The inbound objects were widely described as “small rocks”.

Video shows him being pushed onto a bus by his aides to escape a large and unruly group of protesters angry at his vaccine mandate policies, which include required Covid vaccines for all workers in federally regulated industries, as well as for any citizen to travel by rail, public bus, or commercial flight.

Here’s the video of stones being thrown towards the Prime Minister while he was leaving his campaign stop in London, Ontario this evening pic.twitter.com/MNOVHIKMiY

— Sarah Sears (@iamSas) September 6, 2021

Though there were no injuries reported from the stone throwing incident, at least two others traveling on a media bus were hit by the rocks as well.

According to the BBC, Trudeau’s recent political rally stops have been marred by unusually aggressive crowds protesting Canada’s stringent Covid vaccine and prior lockdown policies. “Mr Trudeau called a snap election in mid-August, in the hope of gaining a majority government for his left-of-centre Liberal party. But his campaign has been disrupted by demonstrations against Covid-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions,” the report says.

“Just over a week ago, the prime minister was forced to cancel an election rally after a crowd of angry protesters ambushed the event,” BBC continues.

Other political leaders condemned what they called “political violence” and an alarming atmosphere of “intimidation, harassment, and violence.” This despite the rocks appearing so small in size as to likely not able to hurt anyone.

At an event in London, ON, protesters threw some small rocks at Justin Trudeau, as he got on the bus to leave. Looks like Trudeau got hit.

Our @AnnieClaireBO who is traveling with Trudeau, says two people on the media bus were hit with the rocks but they’re not hurt. #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/7XM9uRC9yf

— Mackenzie Gray (@Gray_Mackenzie) September 6, 2021

A number of reports and eyewitnesses described “small stones, sort of like gravel” and that it was “something clearly picked up on the road.”

There doesn’t appear to have been any arrests of protesters made at the scene. By all appearances Trudeau and his team were on the retreat amid the large-sized protest that seemed to have had to the bus surrounded.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government is busy enacting a full federal vaccine passport for travel and which will pretty much completely regulate people’s ability to participate in normal daily life…

On vaccine passports, Trudeau says provincial passports will be an “interim measure, that will perhaps last a year or so, before (the feds) bring in a formalized passport version” #cdnpoli https://t.co/L3nCNkaBhO pic.twitter.com/DOtbiAa5Pk

— Mackenzie Gray (@Gray_Mackenzie) September 6, 2021

Reprinted with permission from Zero Hedge.

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