Kellogg Reaches Five-Year Agreement With Striking Employees

Kellogg Reaches Five-Year Agreement With Striking Employees

The union representing approximately 1,400 of Kellog Co.’s cereal plant workers has voted to accept an agreement reached with the company last week, ending a strike that began on Oct. 5.

“Our striking members at Kellogg’s ready-to-eat cereal production facilities courageously stood their ground and sacrificed so much in order to achieve a fair contract. This agreement makes gains and does not include any concessions,” said Anthony Shelton, president of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workersand Grain Millers International Union, in a Tuesday statement.

Highlights of the new five-year collective bargaining agreement (via

No take aways; No concessions

No permanent two-tier system

A clear path to regular full-time employment

Plant closing moratorium: No plant shut downs through October 2026

A significant increase in the pension multiplier

Maintenance of cost of living raises

The agreement comes ten days after Kellogg announced plans to permanently replace the 1,400 or so workers, which ‘deeply troubled’ President Biden.

“Permanently replacing striking workers is an existential attack on the union and its members’ jobs and livelihoods,” said the president, adding that, “collective bargaining is an essential tool to protect the rights of workers that should be free from threats and intimidation from employers.”

Tyler Durden
Tue, 12/21/2021 – 11:00

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