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Kim Signals He’s Boosting Arsenal As North Korea Claims It Test-Fired A Hypersonic Missile

Kim Signals He’s Boosting Arsenal As North Korea Claims It Test-Fired A Hypersonic Missile

Update (1640ET): South Korean news agency Yonhp is reporting that “North Korea claims it test-fired a hypersonic missile… hitting a target 700km away.”

Which left us wondering one thing…

does N. Korea know what “hyper” means? https://t.co/D6jq4reitw

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 5, 2022

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Overnight there were initial, though unconfirmed, reports from Japan’s coast guard that North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the sea on Tuesday. As of Wednesday morning it’s been confirmed by the US military, being described as “its first weapons launch in about two months and a signal it isn’t interested in rejoining denuclearization talks anytime soon,” according to the Associated Press.

Prior file footage of a North Korean missile test, AFP/Getty images.

“The launch came after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed to further strengthen his military capability — without disclosing any new policies toward the United States or South Korea — at a high-profile ruling party conference last week,” AP continues. 

Statements from South Korea’s military indicated that the missile was likely launched from NK’s Jagang province, which is in the north of the country bordering China, and landed in eastern waters.

It’s believed Pyongyang has long held off on what would be the dramatically more serious option of a nuke test. Strongman ruler Kim Jong-un has not tested a nuclear weapon or inter-continental ballistic missile since 2017, Axios underscores.

For months South Korea has urged the swift resumption of denuclearization talks on the peninsula. Additionally there appears to be major overtures in the works regarding a formal declaration of and end to the Korean war, which some hawks in Washington argue would be an unnecessary “gift” to Kim.

North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile off its east coast on January 5. It came just days after Kim Jong-un vowed to continue strengthening the country’s defences. pic.twitter.com/9rsmCSomeD

— South China Morning Post (@SCMPNews) January 5, 2022

It was reported early last month that the US, South Korea, North Korea, and China “have agreed ‘in principle’ to declare a formal end to the Korean War. But they’ve yet to meet on the matter due to Pyongyang’s demands.” The matter has still been stalled, and doesn’t look to easily find a way forward anytime soon.

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Wed, 01/05/2022 – 17:00

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