“Leave Mommy alone!” screams four-year-old as COVID cops abduct his mother

Even if there was actually a real pandemic, what happened in Soviet Australia, back in May, would be still be outrageous. The fact that the “corona crisis” has proved to be nothing more than a load of bogus PCR tests, makes it psychotic. Rebel News posted this updated video of a four-year-old boy being torn away from his mother, who is then forced into a van by eight police officers.

Her crime? Wearing this hard-to-read sign while walking down the streets of Sydney:

“If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any. — Magna [Carta]”

Please watch the video and share it with everybody you know. Show people what kind of new normal nightmare they have been supporting: A world where police brutally abduct (you can’t call this an arrest) a mother, in front of her four-year-child, for reminding people of their human rights.

You can also donate towards her legal fees, as this mother fights the still outstanding $1,000 fine the police charged her (after they were nice enough to release her and her four-year-old son from custody).

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