Leftist Media Claims Tyre Nichols Death At The Hands Of Five Black Police “Still About Racism”

Leftist Media Claims Tyre Nichols Death At The Hands Of Five Black Police “Still About Racism”

We all knew it was coming; the establishment media never seems to miss a trick when it comes to making a tragic death into a race conflict.  The exploitation of the murdered as a means to gain social influence is a decidedly leftist endeavor.  You might even start to think that they want to trigger rioting across the country based on false premises.  But that would be crazy, right?  

Mobs directed by disinformation are a useful weapon for national division.  Mainstream media outlets seem to be searching intensely for any new act of police brutality, any new mass shooting, any crime that might fit the bill for their ongoing narrative that America is a “white supremacist nation” that needs to be torn down.  Unfortunately for them, the majority of these events in recent months have not involved white police officers, straight white conservative shooters, or any person the fits the woke narrative.  They have been left grasping at straws.

So, it would appear that the spin doctors are changing strategies.  If they can’t find a race based killing involving a minority and white people, they will simply blame every act of violence on systemic racism anyway. 

CNN has recently targeted the Tyre Nichols beating and subsequent death at the hands of five Memphis police officers as its test case for linking all law enforcement brutality to racism.  The problem for them is that Tyre Nichols is black, and so were all the officers involved.

Don’t worry, though, CNN has an answer for that.  The platform published an opinion piece this week from Van Jones, arguing that even though all five LEOs involved in the death of Nichols were black, the event can still be blamed on anti-black culture.  

How is this possible?  Van Jones leaps into a bizarre display of mental gymnastics and baseless pseudo-psychology, building a tale of black cops brainwashed into “self hatred” by white supremacy and convinced to kill black victims.  You see, it’s not the fault of the cops per se, it’s the fault of the “system” that has made them into weapons of an anti-black society.  Individual responsibility no longer applies when the cops involved are not white.  

What evidence does Van Jones have to back this argument?  He has none, but systemic racism is a vaporous and ambiguous condition based on feelings and fears rather than facts; it is an open ended villain that leftists can apply to almost any situation.  The root foundation of Jones’ argument is best clarified by the claim he makes here:

“At the end of the day, it is the race of the victim who is brutalized — not the race of the violent cop — that is most relevant in determining whether racial bias is a factor in police violence. It’s hard to imagine five cops of any color beating a White person to death under similar circumstances. And it is almost impossible to imagine five Black cops giving a White arrestee the kind of beat-down that Nichols allegedly received.”

In other words, if the victim of police violence is a minority, it was a race based crime regardless of circumstances.  If the victim is white, it is not a race based crime.  The assertion here is that only police brutality against minorities matters; or, that only police brutality against minorities is common. 

Van Jones chooses his words carefully (and dishonestly) in this statement, because he is well aware that there have been many white victims of minority police officers in the past; just not many recorded instances of five black cops killing a white person in the same manner as Tyre Nichols. 

For example, in 2017 a black officer from Minneapolis, Mohamed Noor, fatally shot an unarmed white woman after she called 911 to report a possible rape happening behind her home.  He was later sentenced in 2021 to only five years in prison — the maximum allowed for manslaughter, after his murder conviction was overturned.  With good behavior Noor could be released in half the time.  Does this sound like something that would occur in a country dominated by white supremacy?

At no point did the media suggest that this was a crime based on racism on the part of the black officer.  This is Van Jones’ concept of no white victims of racism in action, just not in the way he implies.  Compared to the death of George Floyd and now Tyre Nichols, the media barely reported on the murder or Noor’s sentencing.  This leads us to a much more important question than any question CNN posits:  What if it’s really corporate media journalists that are racist?  And, are they projecting their racism on the rest of us? 

The vast majority of tragedies and crimes in the US have nothing to do with racism, and systemic racism doesn’t exist in our nation.  Leftist journalists are the only people talking about it because they are among the few zealots obsessed with skin color and diversity politics.  They focus on race because they see it as advantageous, and they see minorities as people to be conned and used for their political ends.   

The theory presented by Van Jones should be insulting to minorities everywhere, because it is based on the notion that minorities cannot think for themselves and are not responsible for themselves.  If five black cops can be hypnotized by white supremacy into killing other black people against their “better natures”, then what possible “agency” do any black people have?  The journalists at CNN and other leftist outlets paint a vision of an America in which minorities are zombies who do nothing more than the bidding of a racist phantom that controls every aspect of their behavior.  All while those same journalists try to influence minorities into mob violence with false claims.  

Is anything more racist than that kind of agenda?           

Tyler Durden
Sat, 01/28/2023 – 20:00

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