Leftists Triggered By Old Mister Rogers’ “Boys Are Boys, Girls Are Girls” Clips

Leftists Triggered By Old Mister Rogers’ “Boys Are Boys, Girls Are Girls” Clips

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Old clips of Mister Rogers, a children’s TV show from the 1980s, have gone viral on social media after leftists were triggered by the character in the show singing a song about ‘boys being boys and girls being girls’.

Fred Rogers, who hosted Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for decades, is seen in the footage singing a song explaining to children that there are two genders, that boys and girls are different, but that everyone is equal.

“Boys are boys from the beginning, girls are girls right from the start. Everybody’s fancy, Everybody’s fine. Your body’s fancy and so is mine,” Rogers sings.

Further stanzas of the song include the assertions “If you were born a boy, you stay a boy,” and “Only girls grow up to be the mommies, only boys can be the daddies.”

The message was considered entirely wholesome, even up until the show aired its last episode in 2001, yet now in our 2023 reality the message is being labelled triggering and upsetting.

TRIGGER WARNING. ⚠️ This is the most upsetting thing you will see all weekend. pic.twitter.com/eVLPZ3J3RI

— Dr. Jebra Faushay (@JebraFaushay) January 14, 2023

In an appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Rogers expanded on the meaning of the song, explaining to some laughter in the audience that it is an important societal responsibility to define gender roles to children:

Mister Rogers knew something way back in 1980 and tried to warn us. We laughed at him because we thought what he said was silly and nonsense.

Now we live in a silly and nonsensical reality. pic.twitter.com/pMfUefOR4D

— The one who knocks (@__Heisenburg__) January 13, 2023

Of course, in a world of “gender-based care,” (puberty blockers and child genital mutilation surgery) this little ditty is now ‘offensive’:

This song still holds up no matter how much folks with mental illness cry.

— Mike (@ItsMikeSG) January 16, 2023

Wow, insulting LGBTQ and people with mental illness in one tweet.

— Cecilia Corcoran ☮️ (@BearyIrish) January 16, 2023

Yeah, you’re a real compassionate guy

— Cecilia Corcoran ☮️ (@BearyIrish) January 16, 2023


— Stan Elman (@redpill7765) February 1, 2023

Ok, groomer.

— Thundercles (@Thundercles1776) January 15, 2023

And if he were still alive today, he’d say that it’s okay to be trans and nobody should hurt you because of it.

The man cared about everyone and transpeople weren’t as prevalent and as forthcoming as they are now with science backing them. He’d love them just as well.

— Jerric the Radio Demon 🔞🐀 (@THICCUSMAXIMUS) January 15, 2023

To the majority though, it’s merely a reminder that at some point we moved into living in a make believe fantasy world.

That should automatically play every time you log into twitter.

— ratsmack (@radmunkie) January 15, 2023

He tried and tried to warn us

— WheelersDairy (@HighlandCoos) January 15, 2023

Mr Rogers based and didn’t even know it lol

— november2-0 (@0November2) January 15, 2023

things are much much different here in the land if make believe! 🤣😂

— narhwal (@narhwal5) January 15, 2023

This was before we knew men have periods and can get pregnant.

— n.r. bovee (@nrbovee) February 2, 2023

1980’s Andrew Tate

— Ban Notice (@BannedNotice) January 15, 2023

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