Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry Finds Security Guards’ Fears Of Being Called “Racist” Prevented Jihadist Capture

Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry Finds Security Guards’ Fears Of Being Called “Racist” Prevented Jihadist Capture

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

An official inquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing has found that one of the reasons for authorities failing to stop jihadist Salmen Abedi from blowing himself up was a fear that they would be called “racist.”

Yes, really.

“Sir John Saunders, who is chairing the probe into the 2017 terror attack, said “more should have been done” by police and security before Abedi detonated his device outside an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 innocent people and injuring hundreds more,” reports Sky News.

Despite security guard Kyle Lawler saying he had a “bad feeling” about the terrorist and felt he “did not belong there,” no action was taken to report the issue or intercept Abedi because he was “scared of being wrong and being branded a racist” and thought he would get into trouble for “judging someone by their race.”

As we previously highlighted, another eyewitness to Abedi’s suspicious behavior reported the activity to security guard Mohammad Agha 17 minutes before the bomb was detonated but said he was “fobbed off”.

Both Lawler and Agha failed to properly inform security control.

Another woman interviewed by Sky News in the days after the attack also revealed that she reported a woman who was acting suspiciously and fidgeting with her bag to security but they did nothing.

“She was looking in the direction of where the explosion actually happened and smirking to herself all night,” said the woman, adding that the suspect spoke with a foreign accent.

The eyewitness said she was lectured by security for making the suspect feel “uncomfortable.” The suspect then disappeared minutes before the concert finished.

Suicide bomber Abedi was also rescued by the British Royal Navy as a refugee from Libya following the overthrow of Colonel Gadaffi, which led to ISIS terrorists and warlords taking over the country.

Another stunning victory for the #RefugeesWelcome crowd.

This is yet another example of how political correctness kills.

Security guards being frightened of intercepting a potential suicide bomber because of an environment where suggesting someone with brown skin may be up to no good is a bigoted stereotype.

Conservatives sometimes joke that liberals would rather die than be called “racist,” but doesn’t seem so funny now.

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