Manchin Digs In – Won’t Budge On $1.5 Trillion Top-Line, Says No To Filibuster Carve-Out For Debt Hike

Manchin Digs In – Won’t Budge On $1.5 Trillion Top-Line, Says No To Filibuster Carve-Out For Debt Hike

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said on Wednesday that his topline number on the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is still $1.5 trillion, dispelling rumors that he’d come up as much as $2.2 trillion.

Manchin stresses that his reconciliation topline is $1.5 trillion. Says he won’t take questions (he is still talking tho)

— Seung Min Kim (@seungminkim) October 6, 2021

He also reiterated his opposition to a legislative carve-out of the filibuster as a potential escape hatch from a fight over the national debt ceiling, according to The Hill.

“I’ve been very very clear where I stand on the filibuster. Nothing changes,” Manchin told reporters outside of his Senate office.

Manchin’s comments come as the idea of a “carve-out” from the legislative filibuster, which requires 60 votes for most legislation, has gained steam within the Senate Democratic caucus

Democrats discussed the idea, as well as other potential back-up plans, during a closed-door caucus lunch on Tuesday, with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) confirming that talks were underway. 

But changing the legislative filibuster even just for a narrow carve-out on the debt ceiling was a heavy list for Senate Democrats given entrenched opposition to making changes to the 60-vote rule from Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.). -The Hill

In order to raise the debt ceiling without the filibuster carve-out, Democrats would need complete unity from their 50-member Senate caucus. 

“The filibuster has nothing to do with debt ceiling. Basically, we have other tools that we can use and if we have to use them we should use them,” Manchin said on Monday.

The West Virginia Senator suggested on Wednesday that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) start negotiating.

“I truly implore both leaders … to engage, start working, work this out,” said Manchin, adding “We have a responsibility to be the adults… we should not have these artificial crises.”

“Please lead, lead, work together.”

Senate Democrats will hold an emergency caucus at 1pm this afternoon, according to Politico‘s Burgess Everett.

Senate Democrats will have a special caucus at 1 pm this afternoon ahead of debt limit vote

— Burgess Everett (@burgessev) October 6, 2021

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