Marxists Making More Martyrs

What horrors Christians unleash when they forsake the Word of God for their own ideas! Foremost among those notions is Leviathan’s supposed supremacy and the obedience we allegedly owe the beast, regardless of its blasphemy, brutality, or corruption. Virtually all Western churches proclaim this heresy; most Christians reflexively accept it despite the Lord’s multitude of warnings, in almost every one of the Bible’s 66 books, that the State is utterly evil and that it will consume us if we heed it instead of our God.

The price for decades of such idolatry has now come due now, during the plandemic. Paying it is that handful of Western clergy defying “Public Health’s” charlatans. The latest example hails from Canada.

James Coates, the pastor of GraceLife Church outside Edmonton remains in custody after appearing in court before a judge Wednesday morning.” His crime? His “church was not in compliance with the Public Health Order.”

Seems Mr. Coates obeys Christ’s command not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. He has refused to disband worship at bureaucrats’ behest, nor does he fall for the Satanic ploy that technology and “live-streaming” can replace our joyous duty of celebrating each Lord’s Day with Communion, fellowship, and the study of Scripture.

Moreover, when his 300 parishioners gather, they practice such other Biblical precepts as welcoming everybody rather than a mere 15% of their usual occupancy. Nor do they shy away from one another per the government’s diktats, preferring to greet their siblings in Christ instead. And they eschew Satanic masks.

Indeed, the church “has been defying public health orders for weeks.” Their allegiance to the Lord rather than Leviathan earns the spurned State’s fury: “Coates was fined [$1200] in December, Alberta Health Services ordered the church to close in January and then Coates was arrested and charged in early February for contravention of the Public Health Act.”

Our hero is so dastardly that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police gave off chasing Snidely Whiplash to go after him. They descended on GraceLife, where ”police and AHS [Alberta Health Service (sic)] found Coates was not complying with his undertaking release conditions and the church was not in compliance with the public health order.”

Someday, Pastor Coates and GraceLife’s members will find that sentence engraved on their crowns.

Meanwhile, the State has increased its persecution of this courageous congregation: “[o]n Feb. 16, James Coates turned himself in to the Parkland Detachment. He was charged in contravention of the Public Health Act (x2), and charged for failing to comply with a condition of his Undertaking, under the Criminal Code. Following a bail hearing before a Justice of the Peace, Coates was to be released on conditions. He remained in custody overnight after refusing to agree to those conditions.”

What absolute integrity and faithfulness to Jesus Christ! Pray God that when the USSA’s Marxists torment us, we stand as true.

“This morning in Stony Plain Provincial Court [Pastor Coates] continued to refuse to agree with those conditions”—ditto!—”and a Judge’s Order was issued compelling him to attend court on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021.”

Naturally, the RCMP’s spokesliar tried to justify the State’s assault on this peaceful preacher and even resorted to the bully’s favorite tactic: blaming the victim. “‘We’ve been consistent in our approach of escalated levels of enforcement with Pastor Coates, and we were hopeful to resolve this issue in a different manner’ said Inspector Mike Lokken. ‘The Pastor’s actions, and the subsequent effects those actions could have on the health and safety of citizens, dictated our response in this situation.’”

Just as nauseating are the excuses from “Alberta’s top doctor,” who “says her hands are tied when it comes to … [GraceLife Church, which] is defying public COVID-19 health orders … Chief medical health officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw says she helps set policy, but it’s up to Alberta Health Services and other law enforcement officials to take action.”

Where do these sociopaths come from? And how do they sleep at night?

Thank Heaven, “the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said it is representing GraceLife Church and Coates and is appealing his imprisonment to the Court of Queen’s Bench. … The group is … asking the premier to rescind the health orders. The group asserts Coates has been jailed ‘for exercising his Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, association and peaceful assembly.’”

Nor surprisingly, this champion of the faith understands the spiritual war he’s fighting. “We’re just here to worship our lord and Saviour peacefully — but the world is watching,” said Coates in a video of the service archived online.

“People are praying for us. I’ve had videos sent to me this morning of pastors leading their congregations in prayer over this gathering, this moment, right now.

“We know that right now there’s a real sense in which heaven is very much aware of this moment, this gathering. If we could even see the angelic realm, we would see that we are protected by a legion of angels.”

Finally, “Coates has addressed the issue in his sermons, telling worshippers that governments exist only as instruments of God and must follow God’s plan, which includes unfettered freedom of worship.”

If every minister of the Gospel upheld that truth, Pastor Coates wouldn’t languish in a cage, nor would the scamdemic have ravaged our world.

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