Mass Arrests And ‘Federal Intervention’ In Brazil After Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Government Buildings

Mass Arrests And ‘Federal Intervention’ In Brazil After Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Government Buildings

Update (1633ET): President Lula has declared a ‘federal intervention’ until January 31 in response to the protest, while police could be seen arresting dozens of people.


President Lula declares a federal intervention in the Federal District until Jan 31 👇

— The Brazilian Report (@BrazilianReport) January 8, 2023

NOW: Mass arrests of pro-Bolsonaro protesters at the presidential

— Moshe Schwartz (@YWNReporter) January 8, 2023

More via The Brazilian Report


Images show Brazil’s Supreme Court completely destroyed

— The Brazilian Report (@BrazilianReport) January 8, 2023


Footage shows the destruction after far-right groups supporting Jair Bolsonaro have broken into the Planalto Palace, the president’s official

— The Brazilian Report (@BrazilianReport) January 8, 2023

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What appears to be thousands of supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the National Congress building in Brasilia on Sunday, as well as the Presidential Palace and the nation’s top court, according to news agency LUSA.

— Luis de Paula (@luis10870917) January 8, 2023

O poder é do povo! 💚💚💚💚

— Gutbsb PERDI 20K 😭 (@gutbsb) January 8, 2023

The protesters are calling for military intervention to overthrow President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was inaugurated last week.

Since the October 30 elections, in which Lula defeated Bolsonaro, hundreds of people have been camped in front of the Army Headquarters in Brasília.

Footage shared on social media showed hundreds of people pouring into the building. The protesters were met with police tear gas. 

A Brasília-based reporter shared a video on Twitter purportedly showing the protesters storm the building. –DW

Lula blames Bolsonaro

“Everyone knows that the ex-president stimulated this,” said Lula. “He stimulated the invasions of the three branches of government. This is his responsiblity and the responsiblity of the parties that support him. We are going to investigate profoundly and quickly.”

URGENTE: Invasores quebram vidraças da chapelaria do Congresso e invadem a Câmara dos Deputados. Extremistas já estão no Salão Verde e nos anexos do prédio. Também houve invasão ao Palácio do Planalto. Presidente Lula não está no local.

— Renato Souza (@reporterenato) January 8, 2023


— João Henrique da Fonseca (@JHFonseca) January 8, 2023

According to LUSA, the group, wearing yellow and green T-shirts and Brazilian flags, crossed police barriers and climbed the ramp which allows access to the roof of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate buildings.

O terrorismo que Bolsonaro estimulou contra os Poderes e o Estado Democrático de Direito sendo colocado em prática. Criminosos destroem vidraças do @STF_oficial

— George Marques 🇧🇷 (@GeorgMarques) January 8, 2023

What the hell

— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) January 8, 2023

And a live feed:

Has anyone seen this guy?

“Hola, fellow supporters de Bolsinero. We must go ino de palacio!”

— b1joe (@b1joe) January 8, 2023

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