Massive Explosion Rocks German Chemical Complex, Residents Urged To Shelter Inside

Massive Explosion Rocks German Chemical Complex, Residents Urged To Shelter Inside

A massive explosion rocked an industrial yard for chemical companies in the western German city of Leverkusen on Tuesday, sending a column of black smoke into the air. Several people were injured, and five remain missing as local authorities urge residents to shelter indoors.

According to Reuters, the explosion occurred around 0940 local time, causing a massive fire at a fuel depot at Chempark. The industrial park for chemicals is home to companies such as Bayer and Lanxess. 

Currenta, the company operating Chempark, said that several employees were injured, at least two of them severely, and that five people remain missing.

Chempark tweeted, “for a previously unknown cause, there was an explosion in the Chempark Leverkusen. Plant fire brigade and air test vehicle in action. Residents, please go to closed rooms and keep doors and windows closed.” 

Residents felt the blast, with some saying the explosion rattled their homes. Some uploaded dramatic footage of the incident:

Huge blast at Chempark Leverkusen. Something exploded at Bayer

— The Entertainer (De Goede Volger) (@haverkamp_wiebe) July 27, 2021

🇩🇪 Large blast at the Chempark chemical production site in

— PiQ (@PriapusIQ) July 27, 2021

Explosion at Leverkusen Germany. Felt like minor earthquake. Close your window and stay at home@leverkusen @DFB_Team_EN @Bayer #explosion #Burrig #Chempark

— Amit Nag (@nspac3R) July 27, 2021

🇩🇪 #BreakingNews– A large explosion took place at a chemical complex in #Leverkusen, Germany.
The population was called upon to confine themselves without delay.
The incident was classified as “extreme danger” by authorities.
(local media) #Chempark

— Furkan (@Furkan38276857) July 27, 2021

There’s still no official word on what disruptions this incident may have caused for the companies operating in Chempark.

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