Massive Outage Disrupts “Majority Of Google’s Services” Across US, Europe

Massive Outage Disrupts “Majority Of Google’s Services” Across US, Europe
Tyler Durden
Mon, 12/14/2020 – 07:51

Google was hit with a massive outage early Monday morning in New York as Gmail, Google Cloud, Google Classroom and pretty much all of the company’s other cloud-based services went down, snarling business and education across the country.

Starting at around 0653ET, the website Downdetector reported tens of thousands of user outage reports from the US, the UK and across Europe.

Errors range from “something went wrong” on YouTube, to “there was an error. Please Try again later. That’s all we know,” when attempting to login to the company’s mail product. Google products were failing to load for users in New York, the UK and across Europe.

Google confirmed to Bloomberg that the outage affected “the majority of its services according to a Workspace Status Dashboard, which monitors the health of its products.”

Fortunately for shareholders, the company’s search product continued to function correctly, as did its third-party ad business, which is Google’s main revenue driver.

On social media, people made light of the situation, jauntily suggesting that Alphabet try “unplugging gmail then plugging it back in”, or some variation on that line.

Tech reporter Tom Chivers, meanwhile, captured the seriousness of the situation with a wisecrack.

He’s right, of course, and we look forward to hearing Google’s explanation on the outage.

A couple additional points: The timing is interesting coming so soon after the government disclosure of the hack at the Treasury and other federal agencies, which was allegedly perpetrated by – who else? – Russia.

Though it didn’t last long, the outage also comes as federal prosecutors and state AGs launch their massive anti-monopoly push against big tech. Nothing says ‘anti-monopoly crackdown’ like a crippling outage that further disrupts the education of America’s children.

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