McDonald’s Rations Fries As Supply Shortage Hits Japan 

McDonald’s Rations Fries As Supply Shortage Hits Japan 

A ‘fry-tening’ supply chain problem has materialized for McDonald’s Holdings Co. Japan is forcing it to ration french fries for at least a week due to a potatoes shortage. 

Beginning on Friday, Japanese consumers desiring a classic Big Mac will be barred from ordering medium- and large-sized french fries. They will be only allowed to order small french fries as the company blames massive flooding in Vancouver for its soggy mess and attempts to source spuds elsewhere. 

About 2,900 McDonald’s restaurants in the country will experience french fry rationing for at least this week “to ensure that as many customers as possible will have continued access to our french fries,” according to Bloomberg.

McDonald’s believes the shortage will be resolved by New Year’s eve, and said meals that come with medium fries will be reduced by 44 cents to reflect the smaller portion. It said the rationing wouldn’t affect hash brown. 

The popular fast-food company didn’t quantify the financial impact of the french fry shortage. 

This is the second time in three years, McDonald’s has experienced a french fry shortage. Cold weather and the impact of a hurricane in 2019 damaged potato crops across North America and led to supply woes for french fry processors. 

The latest french fry shortage is an example of fragile global supply chains as weather volatility increases. 

Tyler Durden
Tue, 12/21/2021 – 20:40

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