Michigan School Under Fire After Student Leaks “McCarthyist” Questionnaire

Michigan School Under Fire After Student Leaks “McCarthyist” Questionnaire

A Michigan school system is under fire after a student posted a photograph of a questionnaire which asked deeply personal questions – including their parents’ political affiliation, whether a family member has ever been convicted of a crime, whether the student or family members have seen a psychologist, and whether their parents have ever lost a job.

Why do they need to know the political affiliation of a student’s parents? pic.twitter.com/NhEJt1EUMa

— Inside The Classroom (@InsideTheClass_) April 16, 2022

After the post went viral, the Grosse Point School District issued an explanation, claiming that students “were provided with a questionnaire which looked like an official document from South Administration,” which “was shared on social media without any context.”

According to the district, “The document and questions were intentionally designed as a simulation of McCarthyism and to make students question the appropriateness of the information being requested,” and that “within a minute, the teacher explained the purpose of the exercise was not to collect this information, but to demonstrate how private citizens’ rights and privacy were invaded during McCarthyism in the 1950s.”

The note goes on to say that the document, created several years ago, was “collected and destroyed,” and that this is the first time they’ve experienced an issue with it. 

Needless to say, a lengthy debate has ensued.

There is no information on the sheet that suggests it’s a part of curriculum or an exercise sheet. pic.twitter.com/cFpUutbnZx

— Above the fray (@carpeffingdiem) April 16, 2022

Pupil Privacy Rights Act (PPRA) violations. Not allowed to ask students these questions.

— pascomomforchildren (@RebeccaYuengli2) April 16, 2022

And tell me – do classroom exercizes usually come on School letterhead with all of the administrations names listed down the left side?

— Hostile Apostle – One of Several Dozen Protestors (@Abracad46926763) April 16, 2022

IF it was tightly monitored, & the teacher immediately destroyed the forms in front of the students without viewing any of the answers, then it would make a very effective teaching moment that would resonate.

— KirkD (@KD51898399D) April 16, 2022

Nice response after they got caught. Brooklyn Bridge for sale, $19.95

— Dr. Richiew (@Richiew55144445) April 16, 2022

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