Mitch McConnell Proposes Postponing Impeachment Trial Until February to Keep Trump Under His Thumb

Deep Stater Mitch McConnell is proposing postponing the second bogus impeachment trial based on a total fabrication until February.

Mitch McConnell won his Senate election in Kentucky in November and came back to Washington DC loaded for bear.  He’s not after the Democrats, who stole the election in thousands of different ways.  He has not said a word about the election being stolen.  McConnell doesn’t even consider that a review of the election fraud would likely lead to many of the Republican Senators who lost in November having new elections or outright being awarded the wins in the states where Democrats won.

McConnell didn’t show a commitment to helping the people of America who have been destroyed by COVID because he wouldn’t even provide more than $600 for COVID relief for Americans suffering from shutdowns.  Instead McConnell aligned himself with the Democrat Party.

McConnell has done all he could to slander, disparage and destroy President Trump and the 79 million who voted for him.  (McConnell doesn’t realize this is the old Republican Party and then some).

Today McConnell announced that he is planning to move the bogus impeachment of President Trump to February.  McConnell doesn’t realize that any Senators who vote to remove the President from any future terms in office will be replaced.  It also will be the final nail in the coffin of the Republican Party.

The Hill reports:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) proposed on a call with Republican senators Thursday that former President Trump’s impeachment trial be delayed until February to give him enough time to mount a defense.

McConnell told colleagues that Trump should have at least as much time as the president had in previous trials, which means he would like to postpone the proceeding until the second week of February, according to Republican senators on the call.

“It would have been the 10th or 11th [of February] or somewhere in there,” said Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.), who said McConnell wants to give Trump the same amount of time he had to prepare for the first impeachment trial and that former President Clinton had to prepare for his 1999 impeachment trial.

But Republican Senators McConnell and Braun are both lost in DC.  Americans who voted for the President in numbers never seen before by any Presidential candidate, (when accounting for valid votes) are livid that the election got stolen.  They’re livid the Democrats staged the riots in the Capitol on January 6th and they are livid Republicans are working with the Democrats, who stole the election in the greatest heist in world history, to attack the victim, President Trump rather than work for justice.

Also, it’s a shock Senator Braun, whom would not be a Senator if it wasn’t for President Trump, doesn’t know that Bill Clinton was under investigation by an independent counsel for years and then was impeached in the House in a process after the independent counsel identified crimes Clinton had committed.  The impeachment of Clinton was supported by laws and a process.  This latest impeachment of President Trump is based on lies and a few hours for Democrats to put together papers.  There was no process.

Washington DC is a mess.  The Democrats have stolen an election and Republicans are allowing it and saying nothing.  Americans are quickly seeing that a new party that works for the people is the remedy. 

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