Modi Reform Backlash Sparks Chaos In New Delhi As Farmers Attack Police

Modi Reform Backlash Sparks Chaos In New Delhi As Farmers Attack Police

Tens of thousands of angry farmers drove tractors and marched through India’s capital on Tuesday. 

According to Asian News International (ANI), New Delhi Police said, “protesters turned violent at some places. Many police personnel were injured & public properties also damaged.” 

Reuters tweeted a video showing farmers have gone mad in the capital. Police and farmers clashed during the Republic Day celebrations.

Farmers broke through police barricades and stormed the historic Red Fort, a historical fort in the city that served as the Mughal Emperors’ primary residence. ANI shows farmers beating and tossing police off a wall. 

Farmers attack a riot control vehicle. 


“11th March 1783 the KHALSA flag was unfurled over the Red Fort, majestically at the APEX of the Lal Qila. THEN it signified the BEGINNING of the end for the Delhi Empire. What significance is this for today’s FUTURE ?? TIME will tell….,” one user said.

Here are more views of farmers storming the Red Fort. 

One person compares the fort’s storming to the recent riot at the US Capitol complex.

Farmers have stayed peaceful but today was absolute chaos. These folks are mad because of unfair farming legislation passed several months ago.

They allege Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s farming law, which ends the government’s programs to keep commodity prices at fixed levels, therefore allowing free markets to dictate prices, favors large corporations over mom and pop farmers. 

There’s no telling on when the unrest will end. 

Tyler Durden
Tue, 01/26/2021 – 21:45

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