Mom Faced With Impossible Choice: Take the Jab or Lose Your Job

On the latest episode of CHD.TV’s “What’s Your View?” host Sumayyah Simone interviewed Jasmine Miller, who lost her job when she refused to take the COVID vaccine.

Miller is a holistically minded mother and labor-and-delivery nursing assistant at Stony Brook Hospital in New York, where she said the state’s vaccine mandates have excluded her from all aspects of society.

As an unvaccinated individual in New York, Miller cannot work at the job she enjoyed and for 10 years, nor can she participate in virtually any social activity in the city. She cannot eat in a restaurant or enter public buildings without proof of vaccination.

Simone said, “There is so much fear, pain, anger, divisiveness. This is such a hard time on the planet anyway.”

“Purposely,” Miller said. Miller talked about how her employer did not officially fire her. Instead she was “suspended without pay.”

“That sounds like ‘fired’ to me,” Simone said.

Miller said the process is a “waiting game.” New York has not replied to her application for a religious exemption, and her union has not responded to her communications.

Simone showed a Facebook clip of Miller leaving the hospital after being suspended. In the clip Miller said, “To win any war you have to strategize, you have to suffer.”

“You always have a choice,” Miller said. “Even though I’m dependent on this job — even though this job pays my bills — they did not give me my soul.”

Miller said she’s “hanging in there,” taking it “one second at a time.” She said her own medical research conflicts with the mainstream narrative.

“They are killing people in those hospitals,” she said. “They are trying to control every person on this planet. And the thing about it is, some people are going to allow the control. I’m not one of those people.”

Watch this week’s segment here:

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