Mr. Soros’s Neighbourhood

Hello Boys and Girls (and yes, there are only two sexes that are not interchangeable)! Welcome to another exciting year of grousing and gumbling about the State of the Planet, and some motivational talks about getting off our Blessed Assurances and changing things for the better. Buckle up!

For those who haven’t been paying attention, there world is not composed of 195 nations. It is actually formed from roughly 10 economic unions, free-trade zones, and federation blocks. They are the third layer of the pyramid, and they sit under the United Nations, which generates consensus and administers treaties.

Treaties are the primary means of controlling your Regional Governance Board (RGB, formerly national government) to enforce the dictates of the Corporate Overlords (CO). You will know the CO by their public monikers, like Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), Expert Organisations and Entities (EOE), and Observer Institutions (OI). Collectively, they are called Stakeholders.

The NGOs, EOEs and OIs are respectively the Governors, Advisory Cabinet, and Research & Development arms that run your RGB and oversee operations at the (formerly) national level. Think of them as upper management, whilst your RGB is middle management, with your local bozos being line managers.

Essentially, the entire world is a single corporation with dozens of divisions, brands and products. Us humans are the latter, and we are known as Consuming Units (CU).

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say the CO are getting tired of all the demands for better wages, benefits and perks. It’s overwhelming the HR department, even as it’s being automated with your hand-held CU Reporting Unit (CURU), which we call a “smart” phone. The CUs are also draining the (former) pension funds, which are now the petty cash drawer for Company parties that we aren’t invited to.

The CO decree that from now on, all CUs will have the same pay, perks and benefit package, so everyone has equity in their diversity, and it’s all sustainable. For some CUs, this will mean giving up some pay and goodies, but for the vast majority it will be an improvement, and the majority rules, since the world is Our Democracy (at our level, anyway).

So, the CO tell the UN that they want the standard of living levelled for all the CUs. The UN brings the heads of the RGBs together at a nice hotel, say the Four Seasons in Paris, and they hammer out a series of Treaties and Accords that establish the rules and regulations that will achieve The Goal (more for us, less for you).

Once all the policies and procedures are codified, the RGBs take them back home and start the process of shoving them down the throats of their constituent CUs. Sure, a few of the peons grumble and complain, but what’re they going to do…find another planet?

Meanwhile, the OIs get busy creating all the technology and weights & measures and User Manuals that will implement the methodologies at ground level, ensuring that all the RGBs use the same standards for greater efficiency and compliance. After all, corporate operations must be efficient in order to maximise profit.

At the same time, the NGOs and EOEs get busy making sure the RGBs are working their assigned tasks. Typically, they will focus on one RGB, say the EU, and get everything squared away there, then they hold up the EU’s accomplishments and call them Lessons Learned (LL) and Best Practices (BP). The LL and BP are thus rubber stamped on all the other RGBs, and any of them that lag behind are ridiculed and shamed in the Company Newsletter (formerly the Independent Media).

The RGBs that work hard and get their tasks done quickly and efficiently are rewarded with Committee Chairs, like the G20, EU, ASEAN, etc. Every year, the CO hold an award banquet in some plebeian resort, where everyone gives speeches and pats themselves on the back, and gleefully hand over their annual reports to the CO. So exceptional folks might even get cash prizes in a numbered Swiss account, or more often in recent years, in their crypto wallets.

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