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Mysterious Russian T-90 Tank Appears At Louisiana Gas Station

Mysterious Russian T-90 Tank Appears At Louisiana Gas Station

A Russian third-generation main battle tank seized by Ukrainian forces was left in a parking lot off Interstate 10 highway in Louisiana last week. Photos of the tank were posted on Reddit and shared with the military blog The War Zone.

Employees at Peto’s Travel Center and Casino in Roanoke, Louisiana, told the military website that someone had left the T-90A battle tank after the truck hauling it broke down.

“I’ve been here seven years,” assistant manager Valerie Mott told The War Zone on Thursday. She added, “I’ve never seen [a tank] here before.”

The extent to which the tank was demilitarized remained unclear. The War Zone reported that its machine guns had been removed, but there was no information if the main gun was sealed up to prevent future use. 

Both Mott and truck stop manager Cody Sellers are unaware of who left the tank, its origin, or its intended destination. 

Mott said whoever was hauling the tank returned to Houston to retrieve a new truck and asked if they could store it at the truck stop. 

According to one Twitter user “Naalsio,” a self-proclaimed OSINT expert, the tank in Louisiana “belonged to Russia’s 27th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, 1st Guards Tank Army.”

They continued: “It was abandoned in Kurylivka, Kharkiv Oblast around 25 September 2022. It was captured by Ukraine’s 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, hence the yellow 9s on the tank while in Louisiana (this is the marking the 92nd puts on their equipment).”

It’s rather this T-90A that was captured in Kurylivka, Kharkiv Oblast in September 2022.https://t.co/hMLq76T1gY

Interesting that the tank is now in the US. pic.twitter.com/vnxwNiY7Cm

— Naalsio (@naalsio26) April 13, 2023

As for the owner of the tank, it continues to be a mystery:

“My opinion is this tank is probably owned by a private citizen or company. 

“It doesn’t seem likely the military would leave something like that unattended,” a spokesperson from US military base in Lousiana told The War Zone. 

So where’s the tank headed?

Tyler Durden
Tue, 04/18/2023 – 17:45