Natural and Unnatural Immunity

Another bright spot in the now-dead fictional pandemic narrative is that it has caused much serious critical thinking about all sorts of immunity, but most particularly two types:  (1) the natural and mysterious immunity created by the miraculous human body; and (2) the toxic, unnatural legal immunity created by governments and its predictable effect on opportunistic Trousered Apes.

So, as the pandemic narrative fades away, let us take a moment to be grateful for the many things we have learned about ourselves and about the failed coup plotters over the last two years, and also learn about what we can do to immunize and protect our susceptible minds from future psychological assaults.


The first silver lining in the failed pandemic narrative is that, had Davos Man had not attempted the Covid Coup, many of us would not have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what the scientific method really means and would probably still be accepting, without questioning, things like the efficacy of vaccines and the “germ theory” of disease.  The pandemic narrative has shown us, as the great Professor Feynman famously pointed out in a 10 minute lecture, that the scientific method and certainty are antonyms, not synonyms.  Science is only certain about things that don’t work.  The “laws” of science (the things that do work) are not laws; according to the true scientist, they are merely working hypotheses that have not yet been proven wrong.  The best scientists are therefore those who have overcome the dangerous, baked-into-the-human-flesh certainty bias that we all have to some degree.

The pandemic narrative has also separated the wheat from the chaff in many spheres, including particularly political leadership, science, and health care. In the health care sphere, the pandemic narrative allowed true health professionals to distinguish themselves from those who are easily misled by propaganda and those who are led astray by the powerful psychological magnet of financial incentive bias.  This is a real blessing as it will guide us going forward.  Seeing in real time the dangerous allure of financial incentives and observing a disturbingly high percentage of “first-do-no-harm” oath-taking doctors actively kill thousands of their patients in exchange for a small federal stipend is a hard, but very beneficial, lesson that the pandemic narrative has taught us.  The pandemic narrative has thankfully provided us with the sobering realization that doctors, like all of us, can act like Trousered Apes and that death-by-doctor is a very real and dangerous phenomenon.  It clearly is an inherent risk in the allopathic, federally-subsidized Western medical care system.  In the future, we should not be surprised if a bankrupt Leviathan with well over $222 trillion in unfunded future medical expense liabilities would act rationally and attempt to bribe gullible and malleable health care professionals into killing their patients in order to reduce Leviathan’s future liabilities.

Accurate information, and particularly accurate risk information, is the most precious resource.  The pandemic has given us sound and accurate risk information to help us pick our health care providers wisely.  Another blessing.

Furthermore, the pandemic narrative has allowed our best health professionals to distinguish themselves as true scientists and has shown us what real science looks like.  We find that the best health science is effective and at the same time messy and uncertain.  Independent thinking doctors have addressed “Covid” with multiple “protocols,” or combinations of home remedies, drugs and therapies, including Vitamins D, C, and A, zinc, and have also included allopathic methods such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.  Some have even employed, perhaps unwisely, “Emergency Use Authorization” drugs like monoclonal antibodies and pharmaceuticals like Prozac.

These health professionals have shown us their scientific work and professional judgment and we now see that the best doctors are those who are uncertain, do not claim to have all the answers, and do not violate the principles of informed consent by coercing their patients into taking unproven and untested experimental drugs.  Rather, the best health care professionals ask the right questions, think critically, question government and Big Pharma narratives, respect their patients’ choices, and work diligently with their patients to help their patients perform rational risk-benefit analyses.  These doctors and uncertain scientists, some of whom have lost their professional licenses for crime of independent thought and the practical application of the scientific method, include the signatories to the Great Barrington Declaration, the Frontline Doctors and now the Alliance of Doctors and Scientists.

One protocol, the Tyson-Fareed Protocol, exemplifies both the diligence of caring doctors and at the same time the scientific uncertainty involved in serious  and effective health care.  The Fareed-Tyson Protocol has enjoyed a zero death rate with only three hospitalizations.  A perusal of the kittywampus/kitchen sink Fareed-Tyson Protocol illustrates how little our best and most effective doctors “know” about the mystery of human health.  Of the 10-15 odd things listed in the Fareed-Tyson Covid Protocol (Pepcid?), no one, including Drs. Fareed and Tyson, can tell us what it is that actually “works.”  The “system” works and they don’t know how.  The Trousered Ape part of the human mind wants clarity and certainty, yet we must accept that there is no magic bullet that “cures Covid.”  All we know (for now) is that, if we throw the Fareed-Tyson Protocol kitchen sink of homeopathic vitamins and minerals and low-risk allopathic medicines at the 202o Seasonal Flu, then Covid patients will experience a boost in their natural immune system that will eliminate their risk of death (so far) and minimize their risk of hospitalization.  The paradoxical 100 percent effectiveness and lack of 100 percent clarity and certainty in the Fareed-Tyson Protocol is at the same time humbling and illuminating.  And another blessing because it helps us see health care professionals more as humble partners than as demi-gods.

In addition to separating the independent thinking wheat from the sleepwalking chaff among practicing health professionals, the failed Covid Coup has also spawned an even deeper investigation into the nature of disease and how optimal health is obtained and maintained.  The thorough and persuasive Dr. Andrew Kaufman has reprised the 19th century “germ theory” and “terrain theory” debate between Louis Pasteur (germ) and his contemporary Claude Bernard (terrain).  Legend says that Mr. Bernard won this debate 200 years ago when Pasteur, on his deathbed, confessed:  “Bernard is right, the virus is nothing, the terrain is everything.

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