Neil Howe On The Fourth Turning: How Bad Will It Get, How Long Will It Last, & What Comes Next?

Neil Howe On The Fourth Turning: How Bad Will It Get, How Long Will It Last, & What Comes Next?


They say that history rhymes.

That civilizations and societies tend to follow cycles — boom/bust, feast/famine, war/peace, cultural experimentation/a retrenchment to the “old ways”.

Famed demographer Neil Howe, the author of the best-selling book The Fourth Turning, lays out his prediction that today’s society has entered the “bust” part of our current cycle — where the status quo falls apart, often chaotically — to be replaced by a new, hopefully better, order.

What should we expect from this period of disruption?

How bad will things get? How long will it last?

And are there steps we can take now to improve our odds of persevering?

In this new interview, Neil provides a highly-detailed picture of what to expect from the coming decade-plus of disruption.

Howe explains why the weight of history strongly suggests we are headed into a decade-plus period of economic and social disruption that will transform our political, economic, financial and social systems.

Volatility will reign. Crushing inflation looks likely. We may see a stock market crash and widespread job losses. Perhaps even war.

But what does this all mean for investors?

As our current power structures start to fall apart, how can we navigate the turbulence ahead while preserving our wealth and personal welfare?

Here in Part 2, Neil explains why, despite the very serious challenges ahead, as with all preceding fourth turnings, he predicts we’ll come of it OK. Yes, with some bruises; but likely also with some net improvements for society. Here’s why:

This kind of expert insight is like an instruction manual for successfully making it through the challenges we face ahead.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 10/18/2021 – 15:31

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