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Never Again is Now Global – Premiere Screening – Dec 1, 2023 in New York City

Vera Sharav is premiering the movie Never Again is Now Global in New York City, December 1.

General and Premium tickets available at this link.

Event will take place in the Tribeca area, from 6 to 10pm.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A Session.

Christine Anderson – EU MeP for Germany, Outspoken leader for freedom, democracy, and the rule of law – is on tour across North America and will be joining Vera for the Q&A Session.



Holocaust survivors, children of survivors, and grandchildren — as well as German freedom fighters — express their shock at today’s fear-mongering and divisive dictates that are reminiscent of the prelude to the Holocaust. The series addresses the many parallels between the Holocaust and the last three years of lockdowns and coerced medical procedures. It’s rooted in Sharav’s experiences both as a survivor and as the mother of Amikhai Sharav, a young man who died as the result of taking a prescribed medication whose risks had not been disclosed to the public.

Sharav’s strategy in crafting the series included not only sharing her own perspective, which is honed by over twenty years of research, and writing as director of the non-profit Alliance for Human Research Protection (ARHP.org), but also inviting fellow Holocaust survivors and their descendants to impart their views as well.

In addition to testimony and insights from Holocaust survivors and their families, the series also includes the voices of Jewish leaders, historians, professors, doctors, activists and scientists including a former Vice President of Pfizer.


A public advocate for human rights is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) which serves as an information resource and public interest watchdog organization whose goal is to unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research and bring accountability to that endeavor.

Her advocacy achievements include: suspension of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pesticide experiment (CHEERS) on children; complaint led to two federal investigations on the use of children in foster care as guinea pigs in experimental AIDS drug and vaccine trials; suspension of smallpox vaccine on children; suspension of “violence prediction” experiment that exposed 6–11 year old NYC boys of color to fenfluramine ; opened a public debate about the ethics of relapse-inducing experiments in schizophrenia patients. Organized families and victims of unethical research to join her in testifying before the National Bioethics Advisory Committee (NBAC) — re: unethical experimentation on mentally disabled psychiatric patients; those testimonies led to a prize-winning series in the Boston Globe, “Doing Harm: Research on the Mentally Ill” — ultimately resulting in the shutdown of 29 clinical trials at the National Institute of Mental Health (1999).

Mrs. Sharav served on the Children’s Workgroup of the National Human Research Protection Advisory Committee where she was the sole dissenter objecting to expanded use of children in high risk medical experiments. She has testified before public policy advisory panels including, the Institute of Medicine — against human pesticide experiments; against prison drug research; numerous FDA hearings, against misuse of psychotropic drugs for children.



Christine Anderson is an elected Member of the European Union Parliament, serving since July 2, 2019.  She was born in 1968. She is a mother of three adult daughters. MdEP Anderson has been active in politics since she was 23 years old, when she helped her fellow citizens as they fled communist East Germany in the late 80s.

Christine Anderson has always been a champion of the underdog and is a resolute defender of Freedom, Democracy and the rule of law. Anderson has become a beacon of transparency, truth, freedom, and justice for many people around the world.

Christine completed a commercial apprenticeship and moved to the USA in 1992 after graduating from high school. During her 6-year stay in the USA, she studied economics and worked as the managing director of a national trading company. There she was responsible for an annual turnover of 1.6 million US dollars. After returning to Germany, she completed a law degree in Göttingen.

Christine is a rare, well informed and honorable politician, basing her opinions on truth rather than propaganda, and standing firmly for human rights and justice, rather than corruption and profit.  On December 2, 2023 she will be accepting an award in New York City for Most courageous international leader of the year 2023 from the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment to the industry.