New Apple CarPlay Features Could Allow Control Of AC, Seats And Speedometer, From Your iPhone

New Apple CarPlay Features Could Allow Control Of AC, Seats And Speedometer, From Your iPhone

Apple isn’t just planning on getting into the car business, it plans on getting further into your business, no matter what car you drive.

That’s because the tech giant is looking to vastly expand its CarPlay feature, which is already used by millions of drivers to control music and get directions in their vehicles. 

Apple says it is expanding the reach of CarPlay and “working on technology that would access functions like the climate-control system, speedometer, radio and seats,” according to a new report by Bloomberg. The company’s CarPlay feature allows drivers and passengers to hook up their iPhones to their vehicles, mostly for infotainment purposes.

The new project is codenamed “IronHeart” and would need to be executed with the help of automakers. Per Bloomberg, a new version of the software could include features to control:

inside and outside temperature and humidity readings
temperature zones, fans and the defroster systems
settings for adjusting surround-sound speakers, equalizers, tweeters, subwoofers, and the fade and balance
seats and armrests
the speedometer, tachometer and fuel instrument clusters

Apple could “turn CarPlay into an interface that could span nearly the entire car” with the improvements, the report says. The all-in-one interface would be similar to the type that is being included in newer EVs.

Some drivers have complained of having to switch between Apple’s interface adn the car’s interface to manage some controls. In 2015, Apple allowed carmakers to develop third party apps to work with CarPlay and in 2019, the tech giant enabled support for the platform on secondary car screens, like digital instrument clusters. Neither of the modifications caught on broadly with automakers. 

The expansion of CarPlay would mark Apple’s most drastic move into vehicles since CarPlay was released in 2014. The feature is now available in more than 600 car models and Apple’s Siri voice assistant, works in tandem with the software. 

Some auto manufacturers, like Tesla, have balked at offerings from Apple and Google, choosing instead to develop their own software. 

The report says Apple may still cancel the project if the features wind up not showing enough promise.

Tyler Durden
Sun, 10/10/2021 – 22:00

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