Now UAE adds to Saudi attempts to dilute JASTA

Here is yet another attempt to blackmail the U.S. into amending JASTA. This time it’s the UAE. Here’s their angle. We exonerate the UAE for their role in funding 9/11 through their Dubai Islamic Bank, otherwise they will retract any collaboration in fighting terrorism. What’s left out here is the leverage the U.S. has over the UAE and other gulf states in terms of finance, military protection, and geopolitical concerns. Also, the article says that the legal claim against the UAE bank was withdrawn already. Nevertheless, it’s clear that efforts to remove the JASTA provision which lifts the protection of “sovereign immunity” are ongoing.


Despite U.S. leverage, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are going through great lengths to escape beyond the reach of 9/11 law suits. What could explain this?

Also, after being isolated by other gulf states due to claims they support terrorism, Qatar is accusing the UAE for involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Will President Trump be swayed or stand up to any attempts to undermine JASTA?

Also, he has appointed a registered agent of Saudi Arabia, Richard Hohlt, to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships. Hohlt has been paid $430,000 just since January!


There’s another highly questionable entanglement. The Saudis have paid an exorbitant $270,000 to Trump’s Washington D.C. That’s a lot of accommodations. Actually, this included bills by Saudi lobbyists deceiving U.S. military vets into trying to influence legislators for the purpose of pushing the John McCain/Lindsey Graham amendment to “fix” JASTA.


Why is Saudi Arabia paying millions of dollars lobbying U.S. politicians? It can’t be that they need more weaponry. They’ve already received $115 billion under Obama and another $130 billion under Trump, despite the world’s dismay over Saudi Arabia’s aggression against Yemen. With the cost of lower oil prices greatly reducing their income, you would think the Saudis would be much more frugal. What would cause them to spend so much if they really had nothing to do with 9/11?

This should be a huge clarion call to the 9/11 activist community to step up and make every legislator aware we are paying attention, we know the 28 pages contains evidence of the money trail implicating Saudi Arabia and UAE, we know there is substantial whistleblower evidence, and we won’t stand for any tampering with JASTA. Please spread the word!

Les Jamieson

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