Nuremberg 75: Exclusive Interviews CHD.TV

Action Alliance, a group of German activists hosted, “75 Years of the Nuremberg Code — Never Again Forced Medical Procedures,” a public conference on August 20th in Nuremberg, Germany, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code. 

75th Anniversary of Nuremberg Code Event — Watch CHD.TV Livestream Aug. 20


Behind the scenes footage + interviews at Nuremberg 75, a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code. Hosted by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed for CHD.TV

Featuring: Vera Sharav, Mary Holland, Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Maria Humber-Mogg, Uwe Alschner, Reiner Fuelmich, Barmak Djavid, Senta Depuyt, Dr Heinrich Fietchner, Steffi Bresnik and Dr Sonia Reitz.



WATCH the full livestream of Nuremberg 75 on CHD.TV:

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