Nurse Andrea Unveiled: COVID Scamdemic Whistleblower Reveals “Her” Secret Identity

As many of you now know, Nurse “Andrea” is actually Nurse Andrew (photo above). “She” revealed her secret identity in a recent episode of the Strong and Free Truthcast.

Longtime readers will remember that I conducted three interviews with this whistleblowing nurse from a Canadian hospital. In the first instalment, Nurse “Andrea” exposed how hospitals were performing “pandemic theatre.” In the second instalment, “she” didn’t hesitate to point out how her ER was seeing a surge of patients with side effects from the jab. And in the third interview, Nurse Andrea explained how hospitals were being manipulated to make ICUs appear beyond capacity.

But, as you can see, Nurse Andrea is really a guy, not a gal.

Which means I have some explaining to do…

No, Andrew is not transgender. If he was, he would sure need to demand a refund from his surgeon. Instead, being that male nurses aren’t as common as female nurses, we decided that in order to protect his identity, license, and job, we would have to present him as a her.

In one post, in particular, I quoted Andrew/Andrea explaining that the reason he/she had not got the vaccine was because “I already had my tubes tied; I don’t need any more medically induced infertility.” Well, in truth, he actually had a vasectomy, not tubal ligation. Otherwise, everything else was quoted accurately.

Andrew has since moved his family to the United States, where he is now working in a hospital that doesn’t coerce its nurses to be vaxxed in order to treat people suffering life-threatening reactions to the vax. He also does not have to worry about his license being taken away for speaking out publicly about the COVID lies. Unshackled from the fascist regulatory bodies of Canada, I introduced him to Will Dove, hoping Andrew might agree to an interview on Will’s Strong and Free Truthcast….

As you can see, Andrew doesn’t look feminine at all. In fact, he has given the Much Ado About Corona novel high praise for how the story discourages the feminization of men in Western culture today. I didn’t realize this was an underlying theme in the novel, until he pointed it out. Not too much of a surprise, though, since this is an issue dear to my male heart. Back in a May 2020 Much Ado post, I actually quoted the world’s funniest pastor, Mark Gungor, as having said:

A feminized man will be much more subject to the approval of the group and thus significantly affected by how others feel and react… Now instead of being a leader and challenging everyone to do the right thing, he is more concerned by how the group will feel.

Nothing wrong with being concerned how the group feels—unless, of course, the group is composed of too many brainwashed sheep being led to their demise by sociopathic wolves in politicians’ clothing, as depicted in Jordan Henderson’s prophetic painting Sheep, Shepherds, and a Goat:

Now, while my novel does not depict men as sheep, it does portray male characters acting as another type of ungulate. If you don’t know what an ungulate is, don’t be embarrassed—neither did I until I started researching material for the novel.

And don’t worry, ungulates aren’t an exotic, cybernetic parasite swimming around in the COVID-19 vials (ungulates are way too big)—like this freaky creature Dr. Carrie Madej says she found in Moderna and Johnson & Toxin’s formulations (as reported in The Vaccine Report):

Rather, ungulates refer to hooved mammals (such as, but not limited to, sheep cows, pigs and giraffes) and are far more pleasant to look at…

Now I don’t want to reveal what type of ungulates get featured in the novel. But they aren’t sheep.

Ungulates may seem a rather odd inclusion for a novel exposing the COVID-19 hoax; but it’ll all make perfect sense when you read the book. (How’s that for subtle predictive programming?).

Until the book is published, if you’d like to know more about ungulates (which you probably don’t), I’d recommend this music video (as it made me laugh in the same way an ungulate does not)…

It covers all you’d ever need to know in under four minutes to impress your neighbours about your ungulate knowledge (unless your neighbour is the dung shoveller for the hippopotamus at the zoo).

As far as the novel being published, it’s on track for early- to mid-December. Between my meticulous editing and rewriting process (nearing 900 hours), a few activist distractions, and some random obstacles, I won’t make the autumn release date I was aiming for.

One such random obstacle happened on Friday. I downloaded and installed the new Monterey operating system for my Mac Mini computer. By Saturday morning, most of my applications stopped loading properly. They say correlation is not causation, but I was as suspicious as a teenager having had his first heart attack hours after his “safe and effective” mRNA injection.

Doing a search online, I quickly discovered TechRader was reporting at least TWELVE problems with the new OS. Like the COVID-19 vaccine, I had to wonder if Apple bothered to properly test before releasing their new operating system (which appears to have been derived from aborted software code).

Fortunately, Paul Jackson, who is a member of our local squad of freedom fighters, is a computer genius who works at Home Hardware…

What is a computer genius doing working at a hardware store? I don’t know. What’s Bill Gates doing working at the World Health Organization? Honestly, I think we should start a petition to have Bill transferred to Home Hardware…

I think Bill, and everybody else in the world, would be happier. Well, maybe not Paul, because now he’d have to work with Bill.

Anyway, Paul advised me to try an app called Clean My Mac. So I purchased one of those licenses that will self-destruct in a year. I ran every maintenance tool the app offered but I still couldn’t access my 135,000-word dystopian manuscript. Finally, I tried a Great Reset of the entire computer and it started working again. There was, however, no noticeable improvement to warrant having gone to all this trouble installing the new mandated operating system. (I can understand why author Dean Koontz says he writes offline using MS DOS on a computer he bought in 1990.)

After recovering from those adverse OS reactions, I dived back into finishing the five-part manuscript. Working on this novel about the COVID insanity, oddly enough, makes me feel grounded and sane. Andrew Brannan, after beta-reading my manuscript, said he found the story “cathartic.” Being a nurse, he’s inserted many catheters, so I think we can say he would know a cathartic story when he reads one.

Here’s a shot of my back, back to work on Much Ado About Corona, standing at my standing desk in the corner of our 64-square foot bedroom…

Alas, I don’t have a large and spacious writing studio like Dean Koontz

I also don’t make $25-million a year. Still, I’m doing better than writers like Stephen King, who describes in his memoir typing short stories in the laundry room at a trailer park; or Dan Brown, as he describes in his Masterclass, using his parent’s laundry room to write his first novel. Indeed, my apartment’s laundry room would be the last place I’d write a book, as many of my fellow tenants are scared of of maskless face.

Finishing these last revisions to the novel will keep me busy for November. In the first week of December, I’ll be sending out the new cover designs to subscribers to vote on (which would have been out today, but I got distracted writing about ungulates and undercover nurses). Then, in early to mid-December, I’ll be sending subscribers an email about the release of the actual novel.

Until then, check out Nurse Andrew’s interview and all the other resources available at Strong and Free Canada. Even if you’re not a Canuck, I think you’ll appreciate Will Dove’s “voice of the counter COVID narrative.” His website offers a professionally presented oasis of information for waking up those around you, while protecting your own sanity.

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